Secrets of How Chinese Become Millionaires

Secrets of How Chinese Become Millionaires

A waitress who worked for 6 years now owns 7 luxurious restaurants and one of the richest Chinese women in Spain. And as if that were not enough, it has achieved it in the middle of the most difficult part of the crisis. As it did?

Surfing the net I came across this very interesting investigative report about secrets of how the chinese become millionaires, in less than 10 years!

The video is more than eloquent so I will not dwell on the subject beyond just summarizing some valuable lessons that we must learn (time approx: 55 min.):

  • Work hard and save money
  • You don’t need to know everything but you really want to learn
  • Start from the bottom
  • Earn little at the beginning but stay
  • Support each other

Of course, although not all the practices are precisely the best and outside of the illegal practices that the documentary covers, the lesson is still only one: work as a Chinese, save as a Chinese and you will be a millionaire like a Chinese!

Which of the 10 commandments impacted you the most? Why? Plus entrepreneurship topics:

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