Secrets to Discovering What People Want

Secrets to Discovering What People Want

One of the most common concerns that invade the minds of entrepreneurs is to determine with the greatest accuracy what people are looking for.

Because if we can figure out what people want, then we can design that commercially perfect solution that sells and changes our lives.

Implement a new service, put a new product on the market, develop a new idea or create a business system That attracts the masses is the dream of every entrepreneur.

Marketers are those people with a certain business sense of smell who aim to help us “analyze” in a professional way the possibilities of success of our businesses, but paying a good student of marketing when we are just starting is too great a luxury.

So here I share a couple of very simple secrets that will help you intelligently to visualize and discover for yourself what are the main trends in modern markets and that can show you the safest way to follow in your next business adventure:

Secret # 1: Google Trends

We all know this extraordinary search engine called Google on the Internet that provides us with very valuable and precise information about the most searched words in cyberspace.

But few people know that more than just ordinary searches, the search engine can give you a very clear idea of ​​the main trends of what people are looking for through its Google Trends application that allows you to visualize and make comparisons between the different words and most searched concepts on the web.

You can even view the results segmented by country and with annotations on the events that have triggered user demand.

Did you know, for example, that two of the most searched terms on the Internet are: “music” and “mp3”?

This simple fact can suggest without a doubt that any business conceptualized on one of these terms has a very high potential for success. And that explains why there are many people undertaking music related businesses.

Similarly, there are many other concepts that people look for, be it for problem solving, entertainment, travel, etc. Even locally you can do your own study and determine (without investing a penny) if your business idea initial has a future or if you need to make some course adjustments.

So get started today using the Google Trends business tool and discovering what people really want. Here I share this tutorial that I have prepared on YouTube about the use of the tool:

Secret # 2: Learn from Great Entrepreneurs

Listen carefully and learn from the greats. That is another great secret.

One of the most important characteristics of every entrepreneur is “being teachable”. That is probably the most powerful attitude you have for success.

For this, there is no better formula than to learn from those who are already great entrepreneurs.

Have you taken a closer look at what Elon Musk says about trends in the Internet of Things? What is happening with Bitcoins? What are Microsoft’s next steps in Technology? What plans does Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Alibaba’s Jack Ma have for next year?

What can we learn from Carlos Slim about his style of doing business, or how Robert Kiyosaki has multiplied his fortune?

Well, if you really have serious intentions to do big business it is time to start listening and observing very carefully. But where is this information?

Let me ask you: What was the last book you read on business?

All these tycoons, without exception, are men who read and learn every day and who never consider themselves fully knowledgeable.

So this second secret talks about this: read, read and read a lot. Listen carefully, go to seminars and absorb like sponges all the wisdom of great entrepreneurs.

And it is that undertaking sounds easy but it really requires more than just motivation and a lot of desire to achieve it. It requires determination and self-training. It requires investing in yourself and preparing to lead that company towards sustained growth.

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