Security and protection: 11 business ideas

It is not very pleasant to admit it, but especially in our Latin American countries, security is becoming more and more a profitable business.

And it is not for less because the increase in crime rates makes people, companies and organizations require more and better protection services.

And since it is a niche with a high demand, today I share at least 11 business ideas related to safety and security.

  1. Sale of home alarm systems. There is a range of innovative products on the market that are ideal for providing residential security. These can be marketed to reinforce home security by offering: sensors, mechanisms and alarms.
  2. Rental of alarm systems for companies. Companies are undoubtedly one of the markets with the highest demand for security solutions and the rental of alarm equipment is an excellent business since the services usually include rental, installation, maintenance and assistance in case of emergencies.
  3. Residential foster care services. In vacation seasons or holidays, you can offer not only residences but also small businesses the surveillance service. This is a very convenient solution for someone who wants to travel and does not want to leave their home and belongings at the mercy of “destiny”. This service can be charged per day and of course you need the assistance of one or more guardians to carry out the work according to demand.
  4. Night watch services. This service is useful and highly required in residential neighborhoods, shopping centers and fairs where customers want a security guard service that protects their belongings at night. Depending on the size of the area to be protected, the number of guards and guards should be considered as well as the requirement of instruments or weapons to offer quality protection. Of course, when your protection system involves weapons, you should consider the respective regularizations according to the law of your country or region.
  5. Sale of closed circuit systems. Connected camera and monitor systems for the control and monitoring of movements within a residence or company are in high demand for their usefulness and effectiveness. You can contact a wholesale distribution house for these systems and offer both the product and the installation, thereby obtaining excellent profit margins.
  6. Sale of car alarms. Vehicle alarms are becoming more sophisticated and continue to be widely accepted by drivers who want to protect their cars from thieves and robbers.
  7. Executive private taxi services. In cities with the highest crime rates, these private taxi services are in increasing demand as companies do not want to expose their top executives to being attacked by traveling in commercial taxis especially between hotels and airports. So if you have one or two vehicles you can put together a business plan based on this strategy that is very convenient for companies.
  8. Ladies Safety Instructor. Faced with insecurity, people and women above all are increasingly interested in professional training for their self-protection and that of their loved ones. You can become a safety instructor who gives preparation classes on “how to protect yourself” and “what to do” in case of contingencies. This is a business that can be charged very well and you can even use a room in your home to provide courses and seminars on the subject.
  9. Martial arts and self defense courses. A higher level than the previous point is to teach and prepare people about professional self defense techniques. To do this, of course, you need to know the technique and have the necessary infrastructure to teach the courses.
  10. GPS tracking systems. Systems to monitor and locate vehicles are increasingly common and it is estimated that in the next 5 years the coverage percentage will rise to 95%, which represents a market that is still evolving that will require a good number of suppliers. Of course, this is a business niche that requires a higher investment since the cost of the systems is high, but the profits can be just as substantial.
  11. Counterfeit Detectors. In this commercial field there is a variety of products. From the simplest and most economical such as marker pens to black light detectors. Whatever its presentation, it is a product line that can be marketed very well with little investment.

As you can see, there is a large business niche in security and we cannot minimize the fact that they mostly require preparation and a good strategy to present the solution to clients.

When we talk about safety, actually the product that we should keep in mind is called: confidence and tranquility. This without mentioning other alternatives related to the subject such as: computer security, legal advice for affected people, legal representation, psychological assistance, government security, bodyguards, etc.


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