Service Business to Start With Little Money

Service Business to Start With Little Money

When you are looking for a business to start, you can choose one of 3 alternatives: distribution business, product manufacturing or service business.

The latter is usually very attractive because it is generally the type of businesses that allows you to start with little money already the biggest investment consists of time and some of your available resources.

Today I share one list of business ideas based on services among which I am sure you can find the perfect option to undertake.

Errand service. Many companies, organizations and even at home do not always have the time and resources to carry out all the errands of the day such as: package shipments, transactions, payments, etc. The business consists of the implementation of an inexpensive errand service. You will need: basically a motorcycle to start and the availability to tour the city making the requested deliveries. The key is to run multiple errands a day to dilute fuel costs and vehicle depreciation.

Web-page design. It consists of the design and assembly of pages and sites on the Internet, combined with designs of logos, banners and others. Many companies demand this service to have a presence on the web. You will need: A computer, Internet connection and of course artistic skills in the field.

Nanny Services. This is a business that is based on the care of babies or young children when parents, due to different occupations or commitments, cannot take them with them. You can charge your services by the hour and you only need to have basic knowledge of childcare and have good references that guarantee trust.

Office Cleaning Services. Ideal service for private companies, government organizations, churches, schools, real estate, event rooms, etc. It consists of cleaning the requested areas either routinely or after an event. You will need cleaning utensils (if there are none), cleaning supplies and occasionally some collaborators to assist you if the area to work is extensive or depending on the time pressure.

Glass Cleaners. In some cities this is a very well paid service. Ideal for buildings, event rooms and warehouses. Of course, the scaffolding, ladders and all the infrastructure do not run on your own, except for the labor.

Moving Services. Ideal for the home or business that needs to relocate. You will need to have a small truck or rent one. Additionally you will need the support of some assistants depending on the amount of belongings to be transferred and the time required for it.

In general as you can see, for start a service business Essentially, you need to have some resources, a lot of desire to work and in some cases rent or rent a vehicle or machinery that helps you fulfill the services offered to your clients.

Others service business:

Over time, of course, by raising a little capital, you can acquire your own tools to cut costs and earn more money. What other interesting service business ideas do you think you could contribute?

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