Start a 911 Restoration Franchise

Start a 911 Restoration Franchise

911 recovery – a smart investment opportunity

If you’re looking for a smart investment in one thrive, fast growing industry This is how you can make money help people, 911 Restoration with its low overhead costs and fast ROI may be the perfect solution for you!

911 Restoration contracts all major restoration services, including fire, smoke, water damage, and mold remediation, with communities across the country to restore order and peace of mind to thankful customers.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or come from an existing corner shop, 911 Restoration will walk you through the entire process. Getting certified is easy with 911 Restoration. Some of our top performing franchisees have no industry experience.

Why Join 911 Restoration?

We believe everyone has the power to reach their full potential with the right tools and support.

At 911 Restoration, we offer our franchisees much more than just a business in a box. We train them to be better business owners by providing:

  • Lead generation by an experienced in-house marketing team.
  • 24/7/365 telephone support and warm transfer calls to franchisees.
  • Business development: Immediate commercial customers through national accounts and insurance accounts.
  • Operational Business Coach to train you on how to think, manage, and grow like a CEO.
  • Support in operational and business development to help you grow and develop locally.
  • Assistance with appraisal and billing to deal better with insurance companies.
  • Financing and purchasing Help.
  • Ongoing support with daily operations.
  • Shared workload With the full support of the franchise, you don’t have to take on all of the business.

Thrive in an important industry

The restoration business, unlike many others, is really recession-proof.

Natural and man-made disasters affect homes and businesses on a daily basis and offer our franchisees a huge pool of potential customers.

This industry is brand driven. When people need home repairs after a disaster, they want a company they can trust. 911 Restoration is a nationally trusted brand in the US and Canada and grows your business from the moment you open your doors.

Maximize your time and money and work with the 911 Restoration family to build a brand that will make the world a better place and get you involved in a solid, lasting business.

Request information using our inquiry form below to find out more and to get in touch!

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