Start a Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise

Start a Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise

Essential products and services mean No Interruptions

Owning your own Batteries Plus Bulbs business is a franchise opportunity for you Not want to miss.

We believe you should wake up every morning and be proud of your accomplishments and financial success. Proud of how your ambition has paid off. Enthusiasm for the technology and products you offer. Excitement about the autonomy you’ve acquired and satisfaction for the life you can live.


Why we? Simple. There are a number of factors that set Batteries Plus apart from other franchises, including exceptional proprietary systems, a household name that is established and growing, the ability for franchisees to leverage multiple sources of income, the on-demand products we offer sell, and the high entry barriers for all competitors.

We can elaborate a little on some of them here.


Franchisees can track a variety of revenue streams: retail, business accounts, national accounts, and e-commerce. In addition to batteries and lightbulbs, you’ll also be busy programming and replacing key fobs, repairing devices, and more.

Experts in the field

It’s all you. You are the partner your community turns to when they have lighting, power, or repair needs. They are an invaluable resource because of your exceptional customer service, expertise and quality-tested products. That creates trust. And customers who keep coming back.

You and your team will continue to learn and get involved through our world-class online university, EmpowerYOU. Strengthen the basics, learn new processes and products, and even receive additional certifications in certain business areas.


Our story began in 1988 with a single store. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based team at Batteries Plus (the “Bulbs” part came later) had a simple mission: to meet their customers’ needs through a combination of quality products and superior technical knowledge.

The concept caught on and over 30 years later we still have superior quality standards, service and technical knowledge, but our franchises are so much more. They are good neighbors and supportive community members.

They are the people who shop at your grocery store and send their children to school with you. They take pride in announcing that their businesses are locally owned and how important it is to their customers who trust them to change their car battery, light their school high school, and fix the phones they are in Keep in touch.

That’s a pretty amazing thing to be a part of, don’t you think?

Our franchise support and training systems: Let’s do it. Together. You will never do it alone.

We have spent decades perfecting our franchise support systems.


In-house experts in their respective fields train you step-by-step in retail management, commercial sales and equipment repair. You will receive business coaching whenever you need it, and our online learning system will ensure that training continues even after your business is up and running.


Your business is only part of the equation. You also have the support of the people and products in our 150,000 square foot warehouse.

You manage your costs by having the appropriate products in stock, but also every battery, light bulb and lamp that we have with us and your customers have them at any time. With this system you are sure to have the right goods on the shelf at the right time.


At your service … The QA team ensures that our products have a consistent level of quality. They work closely with our suppliers, review manufacturers and test individual products to ensure that they meet our standards.


It’s all taken care of for you: social media management (check all channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube), email, promotional materials, print ads and more. They have a dedicated media buyer who works one on one with you to assess your needs and serve ads.

We’ll also take care of all of your public relations, including the store opening hype and other big announcements. So you can concentrate 100% on running your business.


Hardware, software, telecommunications, user support, networks and network security … Information technology (IT) is responsible for all computing and computing issues in the company.

You benefit from the most robust proprietary systems that help with sales, inventory, communication, training and human resources. And we are constantly developing.

Do you think you fit well?

Our franchisees come from all walks of life, but the experience and professional skills that set people apart include sales and retail experience, as well as genuine commitment and passion for customer service.

These things, combined with drive, initiative, and a willingness to get in there and get the job done will help you on your way to success.

Take control of your future, contact us below to learn more about this recession-proof franchise opportunity and meet the demand in today’s mobile society!

Request more information using our short inquiry form to learn more and to take the next steps with batteries plus!

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