Start a Beef 'O' Brady's Franchise

Start a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Franchise

Enjoy your meal. Good sport.

Why is our franchise still growing after three decades while so many competitors have come and gone?

Simple. Beef’s is more than just a restaurant. It’s a social hub … a place where every corner of the community always seems to gather. And that legacy lives on with every new franchisee who adds another chapter to our story.

Why beef?

Beef’s started in 1985 when dreamer and entrepreneur Jim Mellody opened the doors to an affordable neighborhood pub like no other. He invited friends and families to enjoy their favorite foods and catch up on the latest sports. His creation became a favorite destination among locals and quickly wowed the community with her sense of heart.

The same spirit lives on in every Beef ‘O’ Brady today.

Our brand was built out of love for community. Maybe that’s why the community loves us back.

Why is beef so easy to love? It’s everything a typical chain restaurant isn’t. Guests are encouraged to make themselves comfortable – although that means adding tables together for impromptu visits when friends and neighbors are seen in the dining room.

Transform know-how into sales … and customers into regular customers.

Over the years we have developed what we believe to be the best system-wide approach to success. We therefore attach great importance to the following key areas:


Thorough training is the key to success for any new franchisee. That’s why we combine training in the restaurant and in the classroom to cover all the basics and make things easy to understand.

You will also be invited to attend a new restaurant opening at a different beef location before opening your restaurant so you can see firsthand everything that is needed to get off to a successful start. As you go on your journey, you have easy access to Beef’s online “MVP” training videos for ongoing support.


You will never make it alone if you are part of the beef family. In fact, we have a dedicated team to assist you with every new location you open. This team works directly with you as well as your front-of-the-house crew and your back-of-the-house crew to ensure seamless coordination at all levels for a smooth and effective start!


As part of our commitment to your continued success, you will also be assigned a Regional Franchise Consultant (RFC).

This person is experienced in helping franchisees just as you grow their business and you have that person’s experience and expertise. Over the years we have encountered all kinds of challenges and opportunities, and these invaluable lessons often open the way to the future.


Our home office has a strong marketing support team to help you develop a successful plan for your region. Working with your assigned regional franchise advisor, you will have a Marketing Field Manager who will work with you directly to increase sales.


Beef’s has a special committee called the FAC (Franchise Advisory Committee) whose sole role is to represent all franchisees and their interests. The FAC works closely with the company to ensure that the franchisee’s point of view is carefully considered in all major decisions. This is a powerful benefit that should open new growth paths.

AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Single, multi-unit opportunities available across the United States.


FINANCING ASSISTANCE:Yes, through a third party.



Cut from the same fabric?

Our owners and operators are usually people who were never satisfied when they were on the sidelines. They like to be at the center of the action and connect with everyone and everything around them. They create their own success and at the same time set signs that others notice.

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