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Companies always want to become more profitable


With the understandable fear of coronavirus in companies of all sizes, they need us now more than ever. We bring the greatest savings to businesses in the country and bring them relief through real results. We put serious money back in their pockets while giving incredible benefits to their employees. The best thing is that our services are free. We either bring savings in real dollars or there is no fee.

Especially in times like these, our business model is like NO ELSE. Help us help businesses across the country and do good things to help people while you are smart and helping yourself at the same time. NOW, our third-party marketing partner is ready to take you to hundreds of companies locally and nationally to connect with and give them access to our incredible savings opportunities.

That is why Profit Consulting is undoubtedly the best business model in the country. We’ll either find savings for businesses or There is no charge !!! We have the largest suite of B2B services in the country – exactly what C-level executives want and need to achieve maximum profitability.

Virtual Cards – Healthcare Savings – Innovative Shipping Savings
Same Day Pay to 80 Million Hourly Employees – Specialized Tax Incentives ~ Cost Reduction Services like Credit Card Checks, Wireless Checks, Waste Checks, Employee Comp Checks, Shipping Checks, B2B Class Actions ~ and more.

The keys to our success are groundbreaking services and early access to services that are and will be widely available pay you monthly. Our flagship service pays you PER MONTH RESIDUALS for an average of 8-12 years! They’re even WILLABLE!

In a good economy, our business is great.

We have partnerships with billion dollar companies that do all the heavy lifting. You just build the relationship and we close your customers for you.
Be in business for yourself but not yourself. We do the backend, presentation and collection so you can do your best to … build relationships.

  • Saving is easier than selling !!!
  • Best for business owners and C-level executives
  • Largest B2B services that C-Level needs and cannot perform itself
  • Every business in America has a cost
  • Our FIND SAVINGS OR NO FEE model just makes sense !!!
  • The most powerful way to make money … leftovers that you can pay monthly in the long term and that are ready!
  • Work from home – PT / FT – around your job – NO travel

Blue Coast owners want less effort, no liability and no employees.

You want more control about their own time, income, and fate. And they love to help other people. The return on investment is crucial in deciding how you plan to spend your time. Use your life experience wisely and offer your contacts things that they will thank you for.

  • We offer state-of-the-art training, support, income opportunities and customer marketing programs.
  • Great referral business
  • Our consultants have helped thousands and thousands of companies….
  • 20 years of proven history
  • We are in INC 5000 Honoree Company for the 3rdapprox Year in a row
  • Build a legacy for your future with residual income that you can use to retire

There are 25 million companies in the US, almost 100% of which can benefit from at least one of our services.

We’re perfect for professionals, C-level executives, and past or current business owners. Blue Coast Savings is the best company to own and work alongside your day job to get out of it.

Your company is supported by a team consisting of:

Our marketing partners to help you familiarize yourself with businesses, our national account managers to help you close new customers, and experienced auditors who are responsible for identifying the savings for your customers.

Are you ready to succeed with Blue Coast?
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