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A Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise presents a tremendous opportunity.

You are joining a growing, sought-after industry that has been run for years by small real estate sales companies who have offered their customers great variability in service.

Part of our mission is to bring standardization to the industry in the form of reliability, integrity, honesty, speed and professionalism – all with a caring touch as this is often a very stressful time in people’s lives.

Why real estate sales?

The industry is growing largely due to the daily increase in the number of baby boomers, many of whom have lost one or both parents or are downgrading their own possessions.

In sharp contrast to the size of families and the limited amount of property, plant and equipment more than 50 years ago, today’s families are smaller and have a lot more “stuff” – often more than can reasonably be passed on to their heirs. This creates many opportunities for our franchisees.

Why Blue Moon Estate Sales?

Blue Moon Estate Sales has a successful business history and is a market leader. The combined experience, training, and commitment to excellent service have helped the owners of Blue Moon Estate Sales create a niche market that could reach millions of baby boomers with lifestyle changes that require estate liquidations.

Our highly scalable business model for private users requires little space for the storage of consumables and offers significant advantages, including:

  • Home-Based Business – No retail / office space required
  • Direct Pay customer base – no tracking of people for money
  • Large, protected areas
  • Low investment
  • Highly effective multi-channel marketing
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support
  • Proprietary digital platform
  • Strict nurse recruitment process
  • Ongoing specialized real estate sales training
  • Proven client ingestion
  • Proven process of estate sales

What is the difference between Blue Moon Estate Sales?

It takes a long time to trust the real estate sales culture and our clients trust the brand. We offer reliability and accountability through our platform and our valued franchisees. We also offer an industry leading training program and support


A training program that offers courses in ethics, real estate sales from A to Z, marketing your business, onboarding all platforms – POS and accounting software, social media, professional images for the website, and training in valuation and jewelry identification – silver, coins, furniture Works of art, fakes, etc.

Then it’s off to field training to interview, stage, extol, and help run sales. The training lasts 2 weeks. It is planned to create modules to be carried out on site prior to the training. 700 page website.

  • Support: Talented employees who create weekly newsletters, rate unusual articles, answer questions, site visits and provide feedback
  • software This uses cloud-based accounting, sales analysis, a point-of-sale system, payroll and timecard functions as well as a searchable database with the sales prices of all items sold.
  • A large CULTURE the collegiality encouraged by our private Facebook group and an annual conference.

Ideal candidate

The best Blue Moon franchisees are great managers with a history of business interests. No experience in reselling personal property is required. Franchisees must also have excellent skills and impeccable integrity.


Are you fascinated by property sales, flea markets and the like? Blue Moon could be a perfect match for you!


Ethics are vital to our business. We only offer our business model to those who have the highest ethical standard.


Selling real estate is quick, fun, and involves a lot of work. We look for those who are energetic and ready to be successful.

Respect and compassion

The owners of Blue Moon Estate Sales take pride in their respect and compassion for all of our customers.

We would like to share our proven system with you.

Owning your own franchise is within your reach.

Please contact us by submitting our quick form below to get in touch today!

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