Start a Bodybar Pilates Franchise

Start a Bodybar Pilates Franchise

Established in 2011, Bodybar created a business model that an entrepreneur can follow and be immensely successful while enjoying the benefits of a gym. Fun, fit and community!

We do this by empowering entrepreneurs who share our core values ​​to spread our brand ethos worldwide through franchises. Transform Your Life and Find Out More About Starting a Bodybar Pilates Franchise!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is named after its creator Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the 1920s. It is an exercise method that consists of flexibility, muscle strength and endurance movements with low impact. Pilates emphasizes proper posture, core strength, and muscle balance.

The bodybar difference

Bodybar picks up on proven Pilates principles and intensifies them with isometric grips, impulses and the involvement of the entire body.

  • Pilates is a leading boutique fitness format.
  • Pilates is also a tried and tested franchise model.
  • Sales potential 17% higher than leading competitors.
  • BODYBAR distinguishing features make it stand out.
  • Appropriate investment with high returns and attractive net profit margins.
  • Robust support systems.
  • Passionate, experienced founders.
  • Consistent recurring income.
  • Minimal staffing requirements.
  • Bodybar is positioned for nationwide growth!

Fitness dominates franchising

  • US fitness market now over $ 30 billion
  • 54 million Americans say they are members of the fitness center
  • IBIS predicts that franchise fitness will grow twice as fast as the industry as a whole

Why Own a Pilates Bodybar?

The purpose of Bodybar Pilates is to create an environment in which communities can be built that love, respect, encourage, and motivate one another to be strong, healthy, and happy people.

  • Side selection
  • Remove
  • Instruction training
  • Operations + Marketing Training
  • Equipment purchase
  • Pre-sale support
  • initial and continuing education
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Recruiting support
  • technology
  • Branded goods
  • Finances

2 Bodybar Pilates property models

  • Manage marketing plans
  • Hold the team accountable – watch the KPIs
  • Build community relationships and cross-promotions
  • Finance / Cash Management
  • Lead, train, motivate and manage employees
  • Manage sales, cash flow, membership, and retention expectations
  • Generate reports to ensure that KPIs are being met
  • Manage all operational aspects of the business including but not limited to: marketing expenses, ordering supplies, equipment maintenance, payroll, planning, cleanliness
  • Make sure BODYBAR is integrated into your local community
  • Maintain a friendly, fun, challenging, and clean studio
  • Plan and promote fun and productive events through public relations and business partnerships

With multiple sources of income including; Bodybar offers memberships, class packages, retail fees, late cancellation fees, one-to-one tuition, and teacher education fees the opportunity to meet and exceed your financial goals.


Submit only if you meet the requirements of $ 100,000 or more in cash, $ 250,000 or more in net worth, and more than 700 credits.

Please request information below now to take the next steps and learn more!

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