Start a ClaimTek Systems Business

Start a ClaimTek Systems Business

Right opportunity. Right industry. Right company.

ClaimTek is the most trusted medical / dental billing business opportunity in the industry. We are the only company with expertise in billing, software development and business development for the past 25 years.


As hiring, managing, and remunerating employees become increasingly difficult for small businesses, outsourced healthcare billing and revenue cycle management services are the future for small to medium-sized medical and dental offices.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, healthcare is practically recession-proof and the most important growth sector!

Why is medical / dental billing the Business for you …

  • Flexible structure. Work electronically anywhere, anytime. Work from home, in the office or while traveling. ClaimTek tailors your 1-on-1 training and business development plan to suit your needs. Business models available for owners / operators or companies.
  • No experience required. No prior healthcare experience or special training / licenses are required to own your billing business. ClaimTek offers years of on-the-job training and professional branding for instant credibility.
  • Enormous income potential. Medical / dental billing is already a lucrative industry and ClaimTek’s low-overhead business model offers industry-leading profit margins. ClaimTek gives you access to 12+ revenue streams.

Why ClaimTek is the only choice …

ClaimTek is the only company This allows you to work with any medical or dental specialty to maximize your chances of success: General Practitioner, Internal Medicine, Long Life Medical Devices (DME), Emergency Care, Surgical Clinics, Cardiology, Mental / Behavioral Health, Dentists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and many more!

Set up a turnkey, professional billing center without excessive monthly software support fees. Access our system in the cloud or work locally from anywhere. Lower overhead costs mean competitive prices for easy customer acquisition and the highest profit margins.

Work directly with the source! ClaimTek is your source for business development, marketing, branding, inventive software solutions, training / consulting and support system! We are your partner for the life of your business so you don’t have to work with multiple vendors to grow your business.

1-to-1 training ClaimTek is tailored to your availability, background, learning pace and business structure. We’ll work with you as you market your business and billing new customers so you get hands-on experience rather than just an introductory billing course.

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