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The leading company in the field of IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Create YOUR successful business with CMIT Solutions! We will be there to help you every step of the way.

As the premier IT franchise, CMIT’s mission is simple: to build a powerful network of franchise owners recruited from the top of finance, sales, marketing, project management and software development. Most CMIT Solutions owners, including the top quartile, had no IT training prior to joining CMIT.

We want you to put your business experience at the service of small and medium-sized business owners in your area.

Therefore, we seek prospective franchisees who have executive, management or business ownership experience; an appreciation for technology; basic financial, management and relationship building skills; leadership experience; sufficient capital and equity; and the desire to help other businesses grow and succeed.


Our managed services business model enables customers to outsource IT management services at affordable and consistent monthly rates that they can budget and predict.

This model also offers an advantage for our affiliates, as the recurring revenues generated by our managed services allow CMIT owners to build a structured income stream that can enable more predictable long-term planning. These recurring revenues offer maximum long-term financial success.

So many reasons to join CMIT Solutions

Building a new business from scratch can be extremely difficult, costly, and inherently risky.

As an IT Franchise Owner with CMIT Solutions, you’ll know what to expect – proven business services and a proven track record that help small and medium-sized businesses overcome technology hurdles. But this is only the beginning.

  • Proven business model.
  • The rigorous system of product development, market research and strategy implementation allows CMIT to deliver tested offers with preferential pricing and service level agreements to our franchise partners.
  • Established systems, tools, products, marketing and operations enable new entrepreneurs to launch faster and more efficiently.
  • Independent entrepreneurship combined with the added value of a nationwide network of over 150 offices and 700 technical resources means you will never have to go it alone.
  • Responsible for your fate: Your hard work benefits you, your family and your business, not some faceless society.
  • Our established resale program helps owners sell their land when they feel the time is right to cash out.
  • Nationally recognized brand.
  • Complete corporate strategy that reflects the needs of today’s market.
  • Powerful sales and marketing programs and tools.
  • Extensive franchisee training and proactive support.
  • Experienced Home Office business leadership and support staff.
  • Collaborative network of franchise owners.
  • Access to the latest technology, including hardware and software.

What can franchising do for you?

It can minimize the risk and enable you to pursue your dream of becoming a small business owner.

Your capital investment will be less than starting from scratch. Can provide the support and tools needed to bring that business to the desired level of success –sky’s the limit!

There is a reason franchising has become so popular in today’s economic market. And as a franchisee, CMIT Solutions helps open a path that can lead directly to the realization of your entrepreneurial dreams.


It is likely that your professional experience up to this point has led you to consider entrepreneurship.

And while your business acumen probably makes you think about dollars and cents and business plans as you consider the benefits of franchising, consider the emotional reasons as well:

  • A better quality of life
  • Pride in corporate ownership
  • Connect and solve problems for other business owners in your community
  • More time with your family
  • The kind of flexibility that allows you to work hard but spend time with your family but still pursue outside interests
  • A collaborative culture that cares and invests in your success

You can achieve your business ownership goals. And with a partner like CMIT Solutions by your side, your chances of success will increase exponentially.

Contact us below today to learn more about what CMIT offers as a technology team.

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    Avi - on getting started - Own a CMIT Franchise

Please submit only if you meet the requirements of $ 75,000 minimum in cash, $ 350,000 minimum equity, and 700+ credit score.


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