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Entrepreneurial and technology enrichment programs for children.

Enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing ethical and entrepreneurial children

CompuChild’s unique Entrepreneurial STEAM ™ (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) educational franchise introduces children to a holistic learning experience.

CompuChild has offered STEM and STEAM-based enrichment courses to children in the United States since 1994. Recently the franchise in Canada started to expand.

As a CompuChild Franchisee, you are creating a better future for the world by contributing to the education of children. The flexibility and independence associated with running a CompuChild franchise enables you to find the right work-life balance while giving you the satisfaction you need to create a better future for society.

What makes CompuChild unique?

The pace of innovation has increased exponentially in the 21st century and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation is becoming increasingly critical.

COMPUCHILD believes that children are our future and that they must have a strong understanding of science and technology. However, this understanding must be complemented by effective communication, financial awareness, and ethical choices in order to develop a positive entrepreneurial mindset that will help them shape a better future for our world.

This philosophy has led to our unique emphasis on Entrepreneurial STEAM ™, which is the focus of our children’s education programs.

CompuChild’s focus on fundamentals works. While other organizations in my region offer several programming courses, no one seems to focus on the basic logic that is a must-have for a good programmer. Our unique classes help us stand out. – Gabriel Lau, franchisee | Ontario, Canada

COMPUCHILD offers entrepreneurial STEAM ™ -oriented supplementary and enrichment programs for children in elementary schools, preschools, day-care centers and similar institutions.

We prepare children to work together, communicate and think creatively to solve problems in an ever-changing environment where their ability to constantly learn is more important than learning itself. Our interactive and hands-on courses are designed to help children learn Stimulate learning and help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Why COMPUCHILD is the best franchise for your entrepreneurial future:

  • Unique focus on entrepreneurship.
  • Established for more than 25 years.
  • One of the most affordable franchise options for parenting.
  • Run by the top performing ex-franchisee.
  • Exclusive territory.
  • Capital light model with low overhead.
  • You don’t need to own / rent a special center.
  • Differentiated lesson plans from experts.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Extensive training at the beginning and continuously.
  • Supporting franchise community.
  • No license fees for the first three months.

An easy start to the franchisee’s success

COMPUCHILD offers a comprehensive training program that focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of the company’s curriculum, focus areas for pitching for a school or extracurricular program, technology setup, classroom issues, accounting, equipment needs and any other startup-related issues Your business immediately. This comprehensive training process has been refined for over 25 years.

In addition to initial training, we offer various ongoing training programs based on the needs and interests of our franchisees.

Thank you for putting together an ad hoc training course this weekend. I really benefited from training on the restarted animation course. Your manual is quite extensive, but you walked us through everything that made it really easy for me to follow and understand. I look forward to offering this exciting course to my students. – Erin Ramlackhan, Franchisee | North Fulton, GA

In order to enable a supportive franchisee network, we have set up a mobile intranet in which all CompuChild franchisees can stay in touch and benefit from each other’s experiences.

I love the intranet. Thank you for launching the mobile intranet to connect all CompuChild franchisees. I already have conversations about how to respond to some of the questions my students have asked. It’s great to have a close community to learn from. – Toni Holmes, franchisee | Northeast Arkansas, AR

With very detailed curriculum, specific lesson guidelines, bespoke business processes, and helpful marketing tips, it is very easy for new franchisees to get started. Additionally, our various training initiatives and support from the active franchisee community are always there to help drive your success.


A unique feature of our business model is that our franchisee does not need to own / rent their own center. This leads to significantly lower fixed costs for starting the company. In addition, our curriculum development, equipment selection, software selection, and even course planning have all been carefully optimized to allow our franchisees to operate cost-effectively.

Our capital-saving business model keeps the resources required to start our programs to a minimum and makes it easier for motivated entrepreneurs to get started.

Inexpensive, profitable parenting franchise

CompuChild prides itself on being among the most affordable franchises providing the highest quality educational programs for children’s entrepreneurship.

With a deep understanding of emerging technologies, a solid background in effective teaching methodologies, and a proven, low-capital business model, this unique low-cost, high-profit franchise brings high rewards and personal satisfaction to our franchisees.


The franchise fee for our standard area is less than $ 15,000. The franchisor offers 16-hour online training so you can get started at no additional cost.

Our mini-territory has an even lower initial franchise fee of less than $ 10,000. These low initial fees make CompuChild one of the most cost-effective parenting franchises. Additionally, our low capital business model allows you to run this franchise business under $ 20,000.

Our monthly royalties are fixed and our franchisees are fully rewarded for the hard work they have put into growing their business.

Understanding that it takes time to get a business up and running, we do not charge license fees for the first three months that you start operations.

While we offer a variety of high quality curricula on a variety of topics, we don’t hinder the innovative thinking of our franchisees. Our franchisees are encouraged to turn their ideas into a curriculum and, if approved by the franchisor, can teach in their area.

Ready to Learn More?

We run a simple 7 step process for approving our franchisees. While all you have to do is fill out a few applications after studying our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), we would first like to discuss our programs and their feasibility with you to make sure they fit well.

Over the years we’ve found that franchisees with a passion for education, strong marketing skills, and efficient time management have been quite successful. We currently sell franchise areas in the US and Canada.

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