Start a Cruise Planner, an American Express franchise company

Start a Cruise Planner, an American Express franchise company

The # 1 Travel Franchise for 17 years in a row

Cruise Planners has been named # 1 Domestic Travel Franchisee by Entrepreneur for 17 consecutive years. Our unmatched training, marketing, technology and personalized coaching enable you to work from anywhere, be your own boss and travel the world.

The Cruise Planners model

As the Cruise Planners franchise owner, you run your own travel advisory business from anywhere while having the support and leverage of the largest travel franchise network in the country behind you. As we like to say, you are in business for yourself, but never for yourself. We provide the training and ongoing coaching to build and grow your business.

As an independent travel advisor, you’ll make money by helping clients plan amazing travel experiences such as cruises, land tours, all-inclusive vacation trips, and more. Our consumer model gives you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere – no storefront required!

As your own boss, you can also set a schedule that suits your lifestyle. Do the business full time, part time and in your own time!

Why Buy a Travel Franchise Now?

We know the travel industry is incredibly resilient. The travel industry recovered after September 11th. After the recession of 2008, the travel industry recovered. The travel industry recovered after H1N1. And after the coronavirus, the travel industry will recover.

The world is going to open up again, and let’s face it, after spending so much time in our homes, we’re all going to need vacations!

The demand for travel will be high – bookings with Cruise Planners will be possible as early as 2021 – and travel consultants will be the key to the rebirth of the travel industry.


Being a travel advisor is more than just knowing the trendiest travel destinations. Consultants protect their clients’ travel investments.

When the travel restrictions went into effect, travel agents advocated that their customers get them home safely and receive refunds or credits for future trips. Travelers who opted to book without a travel professional were often on hold for hours with limited options.

Even if the world opens up again, travelers will have to navigate a web of guidelines that vary from destination to destination. Travel agents will play a critical role in providing guidance on safe destinations and activities, as well as protecting travelers’ investments.


We’ve made it as easy as possible, but starting a new business doesn’t happen overnight. Now is a good time to lay the foundation for your business so you can capitalize on the surge in travel that we know is to come.


For more than 25 years, Cruise Planners has provided people with a passion for travel and a desire to be their own boss with an affordable franchise opportunity that can generate high returns.

Best of all, owning a Cruise Planners franchise doesn’t require any travel agency experience! We offer extensive training and a personal business development coach who accompanies you every step of the way to build and expand your company.

Whether you’re a home parent, retiree, veteran, or just looking for a career change, we have the training and tools to help you start and grow your own travel agent business.

Work from home, be your own boss

Our business model for home users gives you the opportunity to set your own schedule and be your own boss. With our cutting-edge technology, you can run your business from anywhere, from the comfort of your home or by the pool at a resort in Mexico.


Cruise Planners is the leading cruise franchise for the American Express Travel brand, one of the most trusted names in the industry.

American Express Travel Membership gives you instant credibility and access to double the group inventory and promotions. You can also use exclusive tools and travel programs for your customers such as: B. the Pay with Points program while earning full commission on every sale.


We are proud of our name. It’s one of the most recognizable names in the entire travel industry and we have the sales to prove it! But you can do more than just sell cruises. We are top producers with all major travel partners including cruise, land, travel insurance, excursions, flights, rental cars and more. In fact, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of Sandals and Beaches resorts.

Marketing and technology to help you grow your business

Cruise Planners has a comprehensive “MarTech” suite – a real mix of marketing and technology that can help you grow your business. Our award-winning marketing and advertising programs are turnkey with no high monthly fees. Thanks to our robust CRM and booking system, mobile apps for agents and customers, email automation platform and Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can sell more and really work from anywhere.

A great business opportunity for veterans and first responders

A Cruise Planners franchise is a great business opportunity for military veterans and first responders. The versatility and flexibility of a Cruise Planners franchise makes it ideal for active military, veterans, and military spouses to run their own travel agencies from anywhere in the world.

At Cruise Planners, we are forever grateful for those who have sacrificed so much to ensure the safety and wellbeing of so many. Because of this, we pride ourselves on offering special incentive programs to first responders, active military personnel, retired veterans, and their immediate family members to help grow their business.


Unlike other travel franchises, our corporate office does not own any competing tour operators or sell trips. Our focus is solely on building your business. We offer comprehensive training to get your business off the ground, as well as a dedicated business development coach who gives you individual attention every step of the way.

A dedicated leadership team that is invested in you

Our executives are not just figureheads. You are practical and 100% committed to your success. Every member of our leadership team takes part in all of our training courses and uses decades of industry experience to lead informative courses on how to grow your business. Your main goal is really to help you succeed.


We’d love to talk more to you about your aspirations and goals. Contact us today to learn how to start your own travel advisor franchise with Cruise Planners.

We’d love to talk more to you about your aspirations and goals.
Contact us today to learn how to start your own travel advisor franchise.

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