Start a Crushr Mobile Trash Compacting Franchise

Start a Crushr Mobile Trash Compacting Franchise

Crushr is a simple waste compaction start-up franchise with great growth potential.

Our business model is low overhead and high margin.

You run a responsive and nimble on-site mobile commercial trash compacting business. It can be as lean as a person to run the business and drive the truck.

You don’t have to maintain a brick and mortar building and you can choose the staff you trust to book and take the bookings.


The profit potential depends on how many compaction you can do per day. The more compact you get, the more you do. And the more you compress, the more your customers save. It’s win win.

With our lower overhead, our lean business model has a positive effect on your bottom line.

We deliver an ROI that few franchise concepts can match. Once you see Crushr in action you will understand why it is an innovative and effective tool in waste management.

How it works

The Crushr waste disposal service is a patented mobile compaction trolley that replaces the costly transport of your dumpster rental or your roll-off container with a cost-effective service and makes the management of your open container waste easier and more affordable.

  • We save space.
  • We save time.
  • You save money.

Every time we compact your garbage, we can increase the capacity of the container by up to 40%, which will cost you about 1/3 the price of all your transports.

Join our team

If you would like to participate in your first franchise or have been investing in various franchise models for years, we offer you a unique opportunity. So you’ve done your research and you know that there are plenty of franchises to choose from and invest in.

Unlike other franchise models that may require many moving parts to be successful, Crushr needs two – you and the truck.

Take the next steps

We’re a growing company with many opportunities to support your interest in cities that meet our launch criteria.

We’d love to help you expand Crushr nationwide in your selected market.

For more information on how to bring Crushr to your market, please submit our form below and we will be in touch.

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