Start a Dog Training Elite Franchise

Start a Dog Training Elite Franchise

An easy and inexpensive entry into the booming animal care industry

Have you ever looked over at your coworker and wished you were with your dog instead?

As an elite dog training franchise owner, you can build a lucrative, meaningful career and spend your days with your furry best friend!

  • The home business model offers customers more convenience.
  • Low overhead / no real estate improvements to increase the initial investment costs.
  • Own a franchise with your best friend … your dog!
  • Flexible ownership models for semi-absentee investors.
  • Various training programs with our proprietary balanced, positive dog training method for the benefit of dog owners in your community.

Why choose us

What if you didn’t have to choose between running your own potentially lucrative business and the freedom to enjoy what matters most to you?

Dog Training Elite offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in a company they believe in without having to put the rest of their lives on hold!


Enjoy jaw-dropping economics: Our home model and low overhead offer franchisees an affordable way to own a recession-resistant business in the emerging pet industry.

Starting at just $ 76,300, the investment in Dog Training Elite is nearly $ 540,000 LESS than the average entry point for a dog daycare center – and it takes a lot less work to open!

Generate tail waggin income: With an average gross revenue of $ 408,087 *, our revenue to investment ratio is staggering!

Be part of the SURGING Pet Industry: Here’s a fun fact: Pet care spending didn’t go down during the Great Recession … in fact, it went up 17%! People will always want the best for their pets.

Even in times of economic downturn, dog lovers tend to prioritize the needs of their furry friends. With pet spending up 30% over the past 6 years, the pet industry continues to grow and is projected to reach $ 99 billion by the end of 2020!

Own your future: Sit? Stay? Not your style. You and your dog shouldn’t be together all day – imagine taking the road together every day as a co-owner of your Dog Training Elite franchise!

Now is the time to invest in yourself and build a career that brings you personal fulfillment … not to mention one that allows you to spend all day with your best buddy!

Build an empire: Our simple business model for private users makes it easy to adapt your processes to your goals.

With the Owner-Operator and Semi-Absentee franchise ownership options, you can channel your entrepreneurial energy into building an elite dog training empire … or just own one. It depends on you!

Changing someone’s life: Through our nonprofit, the Malinois Foundation, elite dog training franchisees can bring the priceless gift of love and support to those who have served our country.

By providing fully trained service dogs to needy U.S. military veterans, our franchisees have an opportunity to give back and improve the lives of people and dogs alike.

Ideal candidate:

In order for a partnership to work, it must be well suited for all parties involved. Because of this, Dog Training Elite is extremely selective when it comes to giving away franchise opportunities.

Are you a good fit?

Do you fit the profile of an ideal elite dog training franchise partner?

  • Do you love being at work with your dog every day?
  • Do you love the concept of having your four legged best friend as a co-owner of your business?
  • Are dogs an integral part of your life? Does your love for dogs help define who you are as a person?
  • Do you have a background in education or teaching, but NOT dog training? (We prefer our franchisees to be new to the world of dog training to ensure our proprietary, balanced positive method is applied in all training sessions.)
  • Do you feel comfortable in a management or leadership role? Do you already have experience in corporate management?
  • Do you want to achieve a strong, positive presence in your community?
  • Can you see yourself as a pet rights advocate, educating people in your neighborhood to raise awareness on animal-related issues?

Training and support:

At Dog Training Elite, we believe that having a strong support network is critical to the growth and success of a franchise business.

Our support model drives maximum profitability for franchisees while giving them the confidence and security they need to start and grow their business.

Not sure if you are cut out for effective dog training?

Dog Training Elite favors franchisees with no prior dog training experience – we’re here to teach you how to train!

During an intensive, 2-3 week training boot camp, our owners learn how to train dogs with our proven, balanced-positive dog training method. This way we can ensure that no other conflicting methods are used during the training.

In short – we want you to come to us without a clue how to train a dog!

Concerned about the day-to-day aspects of owning a dog training elite FRANCHISE?

Our company team supports you with the ongoing support of practically all areas of your company. From on-site support to questions about our training method, you can count on the Dog Training Elite franchise family to advise you when needed.


You don’t have to do it alone! Dog Training Elite’s support team assists new franchisees in marketing and running their opening and providing 7 days of assistance during the opening at no additional charge. After that, we are here when you need us for all of your marketing questions.

Are you concerned that owning a French person means that you will have to give up your autonomy as a business owner?

Unlike other franchise opportunities in the pet industry, we don’t feel the need to micromanage our franchisees and encourage them to run their elite dog training franchises on their own terms. We’re always there when you need us – and we’re happy to give you space when you don’t!


Our founder John Mestas has always been a dog lover! He knew early on that he wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to interact with dogs and help them live their best lives.

John spent many years improving his dog training skills by introducing dogs to obedience exams.

In 1976 John opened Arrow Kennels, named after his first obedient dog, a golden retriever named Arrow.

After gaining extensive experience working with dogs boarding at Arrow Kennels in 1980, John became a professional dog trainer and competition training director and served a number of dog customers as a trainer for dog training competitions and hunting tests.

John’s training services quickly became Arrow Kennels’ favorite offering, and in 1990 he opened them to the public.

When John realized that the demand for professional dog training services was growing rapidly, he decided to make this the unique focus of his business. In 2011, Arrow Kennels became Dog Training Elite. Together with his team of dog training experts, John developed the proven, balanced positive method that our trainers still use today.

Dog Training Elite now offers our customers convenient private and small group classes in their homes and local parks in communities across America. In addition to our original obedience training and behavior change services, we now also offer special therapy dog, service dog and personal protection training.

As our customers’ needs and requirements change, we continue to add new, innovative services and approaches.

What started as a small movement in the world of dog training has grown exponentially thanks to the unique, successful in-home training model perfected by John and his team.

We look forward to further expanding our reach to share our best practice with more dogs – and their owners – across the country.

Let’s start the conversation!

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