Start a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise

An exclusive bathroom and kitchen remodeling franchise!

Every year Americans spend billions of dollars remodeling their homes, creating a huge demand for the services that DreamMaker® offers bathroom and kitchen owners.

With strong systems and support, cost-reducing supplier partnerships, and increasing average sales, our remodeling franchise may be the right opportunity for you to start your own business or accelerate the growth of your existing business.

At its core, the DreamMaker Opportunity is one Faith-Based Remodeling Franchise This will help entrepreneurs and transformers make strong financial numbers while focusing on improving their quality of life. DreamMaker’s business practices are based on the biblical principles of service, respect, and integrity – and are key to our success.


Our systems and support help franchisees acquire more customers through effective marketing and sales techniques, not to mention superior service that leads to positive word of mouth that builds and expands the business.

Main reasons for joining DreamMaker

  • Brand position: strong margins, quality of life. Mature, proven business model that transformers can use to generate strong margins.
  • Code of values: system of values ​​that is an integral part of our business activities: above the line.
  • Proprietary technology platform for transformers
  • Dedicated franchise coach for every franchisee.
  • Custom marketing plans and support

Support in restructuring franchisees in order to achieve higher margins

The home improvement industry is a competitive market and transformers need ways to differentiate themselves from their customers without pushing their margins too much.

With a DreamMaker franchise, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have a number of advantages to help you Increase your margins and offer your customers a higher quality service:

  • Supplier relationships
  • Financial and pricing systems
  • Purchasing power of the group
  • Marketing tools
  • Business Coaching and Fellowship to help you improve all aspects of your business
  • Sales training that helps you maintain healthy margins by letting customers know that the “lowest price” doesn’t mean the “best value”.

Our franchisees and their teams have taken advantage of these advantages and achieved tremendous growth. Average annual sales have increased by more than 80% since 2011. That is more than double the industry growth in the same time.

Who Makes a Great DreamMaker Franchisee?

We’re looking for seven properties for potential DreamMaker franchise owners. These are drive, heart, focus, coaching ability, willingness to follow systems, values ​​and support (at home).

  1. Journey. You have to be motivated to be successful.
  2. Heart. We are looking for people who prioritize first, then make a profit, and understand that you need both to be successful.
  3. Focus. It is important to set goals and use benchmarks to be successful.
  4. Coach ability. Entrepreneurship is the key to success, but at the same time it is important to step back, absorb and implement the lessons DreamMaker has already learned.
  5. Smart and willing to follow systems. DreamMaker systems have evolved over decades to help you do this. The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented – it just delays success.
  6. Values. We are looking for people who are interested in our Code of Values ​​™ because it corresponds to their own values.
  7. Support at home. We learned that to be successful in business, you need home support.

DreamMaker is a leader in the remodeling industry and is actively involved in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Over the past three years, 13 of our franchises have received Guildmaster Awards from GuildQuality, an independent customer satisfaction measurement company that focuses on the remodeling, home improvement and home improvement industries.

We have a recommendation rate of 96% from current customers, very positive reviews from current franchisees on Franchise Business Review, and sales growth of over 80% since 2011 according to our FDD for 2018.

A rich heritage in franchising

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has a rich heritage in remodeling franchises. It started as part of the Dwyer Group, which has decades of experience helping plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and others build successful franchise businesses.

In 2003, Doug Dwyer acquired DreamMaker as a standalone unit. He has close family relationships with some of the Dwyer Group executives and benefits from the deep franchise history started by his father, the late Don Dwyer Sr., a visionary businessman. His father also started the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program, which offers discounts to make franchise ownership more affordable for veterans.

Are you ready to join our heritage with a respected industry leader?

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    How Does DreamMaker Support Franchisees? – DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen
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