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Start a fancy franchise

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Imagine your car feels new again. That is our customer promise.

Since 2014, we’ve been leveraging our passion for technology and customer experience to pursue our goal of truly convenient and environmentally conscious car care for individuals and fleets across the country.

Some things changed along the way and others stayed the same. We have always been mobile, app-based and focused on car wash and details. Now we are 100% contactless and offer complete car care including disinfection, oil changes, tire repair and replacement and other maintenance services.

Our Spiffy Green ™ solution uses environmentally friendly materials, less than half the water in a traditional car wash, and never leaves anything behind. Our proprietary technology safely removes and recycles used water and oil. Thanks to our PRTI® partnership, we can even convert tires into electricity.

We take care of cars so that our customers can live their lives again. Are you ready to keep Spiffy’s promise?

Despite our nationwide coverage, a third of all service requests come from outside of our established markets, which has led us to open the door to franchise applications!

What makes Spiffy unique

We have been committed to building a positive brand since day 1.

From our penguin logo to truck designs to our corporate values, it has not yet disappointed us.

When you join Spiffy as a franchisee you get the support of an established brand that attracts attention and builds trust.


As an essential service as defined by the US government, Spiffy can come to you to provide disinfection, protection and maintenance of the oil change, even for on-site orders.


What started as a goal of an on-demand mobile service grew into a seamless smartphone app experience for consumers. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has expanded to include touchless services that are giving a new definition of “smooth zero”.


We are at the interface of comprehensive vehicle maintenance – details, disinfection, oil changes, tires and more – for local drivers and national fleets. Our impact is reinforced by various partnerships such as Safelite and PRTI, which enable our customers to have an all-in-one market.


The technology runs across Spiffy, from our consumer and tech apps to the trucks and vans we equip for service across the country. Our commitment to innovation has led us to bring the convenience of e-commerce and the Internet of Things to the automotive space.


Our co-founders – Scot Wingo and Karl Murphy – brought their unique philosophies together to create Spiffy. Rounding out our approach is an experienced leadership team, commitment to W2 staff, and business support – including accounting, marketing, and customer service.

Send values

  • Practically: The combination of our mobile service with smartphone and online booking enables us to be the ideal on-demand car care solution.
  • Trustworthy: Every car is in the hands of seasoned technicians with over 100 hours of training, background checks, and million dollar insurance policies.
  • Specialist: Our fully uniformed technicians arrive in a Spiffy brand van that is stocked with the electricity, water, supplies and equipment needed for any service.
  • Green: Our Spiffy Green ™ approach, which extends from water use to our environmentally friendly supply, works continuously to reduce our footprint and leave nothing behind.

Send franchise support


Get started right away with the resources you need to book and complete services. Appointments are handled using our in-house software, and every Spiffy vehicle is equipped at our headquarters before it is sent to you.


Rely on the lessons we’ve learned over the past 6 years with our two-week franchise training program and Spiffy U e-learning platform.


Let’s do the paperwork and advertising so you can focus on what you do best: 5-star quality services every time.

We hope you are as excited about disrupting the auto care industry as we are. Join us!

We take care of cars so that our customers can live their lives again.

Are you ready to keep Spiffy’s promise?

Please submit our quick inquiry form to take the next steps to get Spiffy onto your market!

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