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We made a name for ourselves in the pop culture world by having featured in classics like we did Junk literature and Charlie’s angeland were even the inspiration for the Beach Boys’ 1964 hit “Fun Fun Fun.

While Foster’s Freeze always maintains its sentimental, iconic vibe, our management team is constantly keen to keep us up to date with the rest of the restaurant industry.

With extensive experience in other national restaurant franchise concepts such as Burger King, Pizza Hut and IHOP, our team has successfully adopted best practices that they learned from previous franchise owners into the new Fosters Freeze franchise model, adding value and Benefits created for existing and future franchisees alike.

Here’s what owning a Fosters Freeze Franchise can do for YOU:

  • Create a local legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation. (Some of our current owners are children – or even grandchildren – of original owners dating back to 1946!)
  • Bring a popular California favorite to a brand new audience in your hometown!
  • Scale your company to the proportions that make sense for you and your community with three available models: Stand Alone, Co-Located and Confectionery.
  • You can rest assured that you’ve invested in an easy-to-pivot model with a franchise that has weathered several periods of economic turmoil over the past 70 years.
    Find a built-in audience of avid Foster’s Freeze fans – we’ve emerged enough in pop culture to achieve cult classic status!
  • Take pride in bringing happiness to multigenerational audiences by serving delicious quality produce – including our popular proprietary soft serve recipe.
  • Investing in a Fosters Freeze means bringing a tried and true California franchise to your town and creating a whole new generation of fans who just can’t get enough of our ice cream!

Why now?

Does it make sense to invest in gastronomy now? After all, nationwide shutdowns due to COVID-19 forced restaurants to close their restaurants for months.

This is exactly why a concept like Foster’s Freeze makes the most sense at the moment.

Our model is based on walk-up and drive-through service, so Fosters Freeze is naturally prepared for the increased customer demand in these areas. We stayed fully functional during the lockdown – and actually saw a system-wide increase in revenue in the second quarter of 2020!

As industry experts estimate that the ability to provide contactless food service will grow in importance in the coming years, we are uniquely positioned to meet consumer needs in this “new normal”.

Why choose us

If you’ve always loved the idea of ​​owning an old fashioned ice cream and hamburger joint where you smile with every order, Fosters Freeze is for you!

Benefit from an experienced management team: Rely on a team of seasoned industry experts who can apply what they have learned from running the Pizza Hut, Burger King, IHOP, and Applebees Franchises to help you succeed.

Keep calm in difficult times: COVID-19 is just another milestone for Fosters Freeze – we’ve weathered economic storms since 1946 and are still going strong!

Build a family legacy: Follow in the footsteps of many of our original franchisees by creating a safe piece of family history that can be passed down to your children, grandchildren, and beyond!

Own a true California legend !: Instead of investing in a cookie cutter concept, bring a real slice of California pop culture – and the nostalgia that comes with it – into your community. Our customers who grew up on Foster’s Freeze are now bringing their kids and grandchildren with them – it never goes out of style!

Serve the REAL deal: Guarantee the classic taste of Fosters Freeze in your brand new location – we still use the proprietary soft ice cream recipe that George Foster created over 70 years ago!

Choose your ideal footprint: All three business models of Fosters Freeze – Stand Alone, Co-Located and Confections – ensure that the perfect solution is found for every community.
and every franchisee!

Ideal candidate:

It takes a special kind of person to bring Fosters Freeze to a whole new community of fans.

We’re looking for qualified investors who are just as passionate as our nationwide California brand.

  • Do you have extensive experience in a leadership or management role? Would you say you have strong leadership skills?
  • Would you like to offer the members of your community a classic nostalgic experience and offer your customers excellent service?
  • Are you a hardworking, motivated person ready to follow a proven franchise system?
  • Do you have strong organizational skills? Can you track sales performance and stock levels?

If these traits fit your personality, let’s talk!

Training and support:

The seasoned industry professionals that make up the Fosters Freeze Executive Team know exactly what it takes to run a successful franchise business, starting with the right level of support.

  • Education: In just two weeks at our California headquarters and one week on-site at your new location in Fosters Freeze, you’ll learn everything you need to know to open your doors with confidence.
  • Ongoing support: In addition to helpful intranet platforms and ongoing recommendations from our executive team, Fosters Freeze has built a unique network of franchise owner support committees that provide new and existing owners with best practices and general advice from one place of true understanding.
  • On-site support: We’re here if you ask us for advice and recommendations on setting up your site. We encourage our franchisees to take the lead in choosing the location and building the business, and then handing that over to our contractors to do the interior design and keep the classic look and feel of Fosters Freeze.
  • Marketing support: Keep your marketing budget in check with monthly contributions to our branding fund, which includes ad templates, national media, regional advertising, social media, SEO, website development and more. *

* Brand Building Fund requirements for full size locations only.


In 1946, George Foster opened Foster’s Old Fashion Freeze in Inglewood, California to give the West Coast its first taste of soft serve and start the state’s first fast food franchise!

Over 70 years later, Fosters Freeze remains one of the most recognizable brands in California, not to mention a West Coast pop culture landmark and a source of nostalgia for locals and tourists alike.

George’s standout proprietary soft ice cream built Foster’s Freeze into an instant hit by building restaurants that followed the burgeoning drive-thru restaurant trend made popular by California’s auto craze after World War II.

In fact, at one point, Foster’s Freeze was more popular than McDonald’s!

In 2015, ownership of Fosters Freeze changed hands and was acquired by a team of seasoned franchise veterans who owned and operated locations in other restaurant industry concepts such as Pizza Hut, IHOP and Applebee’s.

Armed with extensive industry knowledge, the new management team worked to give the Foster’s Freeze franchise a fresh new look and implement modern systems to keep the concept competitive in today’s landscape while ensuring that its nostalgic feel is preserved and its meaningful Heritage is honored.

As a brand that has gone through seven decades of change and development, we’ve seen plenty of other fast food concepts pop up and bubbling quickly, but the Fosters Freeze name has stood the test of time.

Now, for the first time in our long and storied history, Foster’s Freeze is expanding franchise opportunities in other states outside of California, and we couldn’t be more excited!

California sunshine & happiness since ’46.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to speak to you and find out if you’re an ideal franchisee at Fosters Freeze!

Now, take the next steps by submitting our quick inquiry form to get started and learn more!

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