Start a franchise for learning centers on an equal footing

Start a franchise for learning centers on an equal footing

We are looking for intelligent people for intelligent business!


Eye Level is a world leader in math and language education. We encourage: creative thinkers, problem solvers, lifelong learners.

Eye Level is one of the world’s leading providers of additional training. More than two million children in 20 countries have benefited from the eye-level program.

Why a learning center at eye level?

In an increasingly competitive world, academic achievement is at the forefront of parents’ priorities for their children, and the global private tuition market is projected to exceed $ 177 billion in 2026.

A world class complementary education and enrichment program, Eye Level provides its partners with a competitive franchise opportunity through its effective program, backed by strong business support from headquarters.


We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who value high quality education and financial success!


Our success depends on your success!

Eye Level strives to bond with its franchisees believing that they are all part of one big family. Eye Level has around 1,300 families around the world. Eye level leads the way to success.

  • Excellent awards at eye level: Each year, outstanding franchisees receive a free trip to Korea to share their expertise and network with other franchisees around the world.
  • Franchisee meeting: Each regional office holds regular meetings so that franchisees can feel they belong and share new ideas.
  • Knowledge community at eye level: Every year teams come up with innovative ideas and compete for the chance to win a ticket to the finals in Korea.

Eye level welcomes you to join their global community and network in 20 nations around the world.

Daekyo entered the overseas market not only to serve the Korean immigrants but to reach a wider audience. Local residents have received competitive, high quality education services in Daekyos that are improving day by day as they grow into a world-renowned education company.

Daekyo sees high growth potential in overseas markets due to continued consumer demand for education and the availability of training systems.

  • Product | Trend-leading products!
  • Training | Hamburg University for “McDonalds”, eye level University for eye level.
  • IT system | Oracle-based franchise and student learning management system.
  • Magazines | Exchange of know-how through e-magazines.

Eye Level offers a variety of hand-in-hand supports to grow your business.

  • EYE LEVEL MATH OLYMPIAD: The Eye Level Math Olympiad is an annual math competition that began in 2004 for both Eye Level members and non-members around the world.
    EYE LEVEL MODEL UN CAMP: The MUN Equal Camp is a global event where students participate in unique experiences and activities such as sports, music, city tours, and United Nations educational simulation.

Superior training and support

Eye Level prides itself on providing thorough training and comprehensive ongoing support to its franchisees, including:

  • First start-up training program
  • Follow-up training to strengthen the principles of the Eye Level philosophy
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Proprietary student database system
  • Materials for math and English at eye level
  • Student assessment practices and parenting counseling training
  • Operating procedures for learning centers
  • Review of the business plan
  • Hosting global events such as the Eye Level Math Olympiad and the Eye Level Children’s Literature Award
Ongoing support includes:
  • Opening day support
  • Marketing support (marketing subsidies)
  • Advertising materials and materials
  • Continuation of training on new programs and updates
  • On-site support
  • Quality assurance reviews and consultations on efficiency

What qualifications do I need?

We are looking for talented people who love children, value education, and are passionate about providing valuable service to families in the community.

As an educatorWe expect you to have a college degree and an appreciation for the philosophy and methodology of our learning system.

As an entrepreneurWe expect you to have excellent organizational skills to manage the operations of the center, including managing the staff.

We are looking for excellent communicators to build bridges to schools in the community and to communicate effectively with parents and students.

Eye level wants to work with you!

Leave us a quick inquiry using our inquiry form for more information on joining Eye Level Learning!

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