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HELP CHILDREN STAY FIT AND HAVE FUN by owning a successful Fun Bus French

FUN BUS Children are always very excited when the BIG GREEN BUS rolls up! Two trained “Fun Instructors” teach professionally designed lesson plans for our structured ½-hour courses, which normally last 6 to 10 weeks. A birthday party is an event lasting more than an hour with the same elements as a class, but longer and geared towards the birthday child.

Why own a FUN BUS?

Bring fun and fitness to the community!

Comfort in flexibility: For our FUNtrepreneurs and their parents. You get the schedule you’ve always wanted while making the life of a busy parent easier!

Freedom in mobility: FUN BUS has wheels and is not tied to one place. It drives business and it drives business.

Easily scalable: Once you’ve successfully optimized Bus # 1, you can easily scale up to 2 or more buses in a kids gym franchise. =

Community-focused: Our FUNtrepreneurs actively engage in their communities through networking, partnerships, and the positive impact they make.

Fulfillment: With FUN BUS you help children with their self-confidence and their social / motor skills and at the same time teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

My life before FUN BUS I worked in the corporate world. You have to stick to many other people’s schedules – what the boss wants, what time you go to work … I wanted to do something a little closer to home and with more flexibility. – Mia Buckley | FUN BUS KIDS GYM franchise owners

Our FUN BUS franchise owner family, or “FUNtrepreneurs” as we call them, are dedicated to two things:

  • First, they are inspired to fight the growth of child obesity in their communities.
  • Second, they are determined to have a blast! You enjoy a business that is mobile, highly scalable, economical and, above all, extremely enjoyable.

Our FUN BUSiness model is based on our mission to “teach the young child the love of fitness”.

Business model for on the go

Allows our FUNtrepreneurs to bring FUN and fitness to the places that children visit most often.

Mobile franchise

Organize and do business from anywhere, from home.

“Gym on Wheels”

FUN BUS brings fun and fitness directly to children in a mobile BRIGHT GREEN BUS!


The FUN BUS On-The-Go business model enables our FUNtrepreneurs to bring fun and fitness to the places where children are most frequent.

The weekends that typically travel to preschools and daycare on weekdays have many special event options such as birthday parties, family-friendly picnics, camps, religious organization events, civic events, and much more!

The best part is that as a FUNtrepreneur for kids gyms you can organize and do everything from home!


As early as 2003, the owner of a daycare center recognized that it was urgently necessary to offer her young students a better fitness program. With the renovation of a retired school bus, FUN BUS became a reality and began to bring “the fun” across New Jersey.

In 2014, Stacey acquired FUN BUS and the brand’s mission to provide a safe and fun place for kids to move and grow. The more time Stacey spent watching the kids at the FUN BUS gym, the more she noticed that FUN BUS created childhood memories and experiences that would last a lifetime.

Stacey’s clear vision and new systems quickly led to growth and success with a mobile fitness franchise. Today that system is ready for new “FUNtrepreneurs” bringing fitness, fun, and precious memories to children and communities across the country.

The best part of owning FUN BUS is having the opportunity to make a positive impact on young children’s lives by creating a healthy and safe environment for skill development and smile creation! – Stacey Kimmins | FUN BUS CEO

Who we are looking for

Fitness enthusiast of a mobile gym franchise

You know the importance of developing healthy exercise habits in children at a young age, and you are happy to help children develop these habits through FUN.

Community leader

FUNtrepreneurs are recognized for their positive impact on youth in the community and their partnerships with community organizations.

Loves working with young children

You have been blessed with the patience, energy, and drive required to teach young children.


You are ready to be your own boss, spend your own hours, and take responsibility for your future. And you’re ready to have fun with a mobile gym franchise!

Would you like to learn more about our kids fitness franchise?

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    Fun Bus Franchise Fitness on Wheels - Children Fitness Activities and Parties Franchise

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