Start a great Greek Mediterranean BBQ franchise

Some tastes are so iconic, they are legendary

… like the entire menu at The Great Greek, where the original, classic flavors of the Mediterranean are made daily from classic family recipes with fresh, authentic ingredients. No matter whether it is a hearty skewer from the grill, a crispy, refreshing salad or wrap, a tasty starter, a tender top, a dessert or more.

The Great Greek is a contemporary take on timeless cuisine.

The Great Greek Grill is an idea of ​​third generation restaurateurs with over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry.

The restaurant’s success has been in development for many years, but we’ve figured out the best way to address restaurant diners. The Great Greek Grill exceeds customer expectations by creating fresh and fulfilling meals every day using quality ingredients.

Now our franchisees can benefit from our experience in bringing delicious Greek food to their markets. Spread the goodness of Mediterranean food through The Great Greek Grill franchise opportunities.

Why join the Great Greek Grill?

  • We have been in the hotel industry for over three decades.
  • Delicious Mediterranean food is our business.
  • We make every meal an unforgettable experience.
  • Customers are loyal to our weekly celebrations.
  • We always exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Everyone loves freshly prepared Greek food.
  • Good flavors can also be health conscious.
  • Discover the difference between fresh ingredients made to order

We’ll help you understand what a restaurant franchise is, determine your budget and qualifications, and create a business plan that will popularize the franchise with locals in your area. In addition, we inform you about the great Greek promise that has ensured the success of our restaurant for so long.


As restaurateurs, we’ve been in the hotel business for so long that delicious food is practically in our blood. In fact, we grew up with our huge extended family on Sunday evening – always full of amusing stories, hearty laughter and of course great food.

We want our customers – who we consider family – to have fond memories of eating fresh, homemade food with their families. That is why it is important to us to serve unforgettable meals in a great atmosphere.

We keep the great Greek promise

Our Greek restaurant is committed to treating all guests like family members and consistently serving delicious food that exceeds customer expectations.

This is possible because we pay close attention to every dish we prepare. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure that customers enjoy sumptuous celebrations made from the freshest ingredients.

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    The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

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