Start a healthier 4U retail business

Start a healthier 4U retail business

The partnership to help you build a successful, healthy sales business

We are the world leader in healthy vending machines!

Healthier 4U Vending, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 21st Century Technologies Group, was formed to serve the world leader in healthy vending machines. We use our know-how in manufacturing, sales and product procurement with first-class customer service and have quickly become the market leader in the vending industry.

At Healthier4U Vending we not only offer machines and a business model, but also a selection of the actual locations where you can place machines.

Why should you go for a healthier 4U sale?

We have in-house experts who can find locations for your machines in your area.

Our location specialists will work with you to find the best locations that suit your needs, both in terms of geographic location and the types of locations you want (e.g. schools, gyms, etc.). Once we’ve selected a few sites, you’ll check out the locations. After your approval of the locations, we set up the machine installation. As simple as that!

The healthier 4U sales advantage

  • No franchise fees.
  • Locations are indicated.
  • Business plan and training in Las Vegas.
  • No area or restrictions on where you operate.
  • Machines made in America – manufactured by UAW Teamsters!
  • You get the very best in features, price and service, which makes Healthier 4U Vending a better choice for all of us.
  • A full service opportunity that gives you the edge you need in the market.
  • Adaptation and adaptation to your requirements, from investment levels and special products to business coaching and training – we offer it all.

Our unique America-made machines feature full remote access technology. This enables the acceptance of credit and debit cards as well as access to sales figures, maintenance needs and stock levels, all of which can be viewed online.

H4U healthy vending machines are designed to set the standard for quality, reliability and innovation through technology.

We offer a remotely programmable inventory control system that sets the standard in inventory management and technology. Check exactly what your healthy H4U vending machines have been selling anywhere, anytime!


Our world-class training program, included in your business package, is a key reason H4U continues to be an industry leader and innovator.

Exercising gives you the blueprint for success. With over 75 years of entrepreneurial experience, Co-founders Brian and Del Swain created this program for people like you.

We don’t sell machines; We offer you a lifestyle. This two-day course at the Las Vegas corporate headquarters gives you all the tools you need to be successful.


At Healthier4U Vending, we don’t just offer machines and a business model. We also offer professional location services.

Our in-house team will work hand in hand with you to find premium websites for your machines. Each location even has a 90-day operational guarantee that allows you to select locations based on actual results.

The complete toolkit for a healthy lifestyle

Over 500 people like you have followed our proven plan for success.

They brought healthy snacks and drinks to their local communities while building a thriving passive income business.

Part time or full time, the choice is yours. Come and learn how to do the same in your community. You can own, operate, and benefit from your new business while making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Join the 500+ companies who built a healthy lifestyle company.

Learn how to build a passive business part time or full time.

Please request information below now to learn more about joining Healthier 4u Vending!

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