Start a Hello Garage Franchise

Start a Hello Garage Franchise

Our mission is to help people rethink their garage space.

Dream garage in progress …

We founded Hello Garage, a company focused on home remodeling by perfecting the things that have the greatest impact in any garage: flooring, storage, and accessories.

With over 40 years of experience in the home service contract industry, we are committed to making the Hello Garage experience so remarkable that you will want to tell your friends about it. Our obsessive garage nerds have spent a ton of time researching and eliminating various floor coating formulations.

Hello, proven business model

Hello Garage is the brainchild of the people working at Supportworks, a family-run company that has been helping foundation and concrete construction companies in the US and Canada scale their businesses for more than a decade.

They have done this by offering their dealers in-house advice on all aspects of the business machine – from marketing and customer care to sales and manufacturing and more. Now this proven model has been adapted to the garage renovation room and has already achieved similar successes.

Hello, decades of experience

Supportworks, the parent company of Hello Garage, didn’t fully appear in the world 12 years ago. It came about when the Thrasher family’s founding and concrete repair business, founded in 1975, needed a company that would design and manufacture products to its own precise specifications.

In other words, while Hello Garage is a new company, it has a long history of ingenuity and innovation, born of many lively discussions around the kitchen table.

A $ 2 billion industry with no dominant actor … not yet.

Garage renovation is a $ 2 billion segment that is growing 5 percent annually, but there’s no Terminix or Planet Fitness to lead the way. That is why Hello Garage was created: to disrupt the industry by redefining it and becoming its undisputed leader.

And think about it, outside of some of America’s oldest and densest cities, who doesn’t have a garage? Just take a leisurely ride through your own neighborhood at some point. Each of these garages represents a potential gold mine.

(You’re starting to see it, aren’t you …)


Flooring: When it comes to renovating garage floors, there really is only one type of flooring you would want: polyaspartic.

It’s a big word, but it’s a technology that has been in commercial use for decades and is now available for residential garages.

The HG Polyaspartic Floor Coating System consists of three main parts: a basecoat, a decorative flake and a permanent topcoat. The system is installed in five steps.

Camp: Professionally installed Hello Garage cabinets are reassuringly sturdy yet surprisingly sophisticated.

The HG cabinet system consists of several parts, including cabinets, drawers, doors, work surface and fittings. The system is installed in five steps.

Equipment: Who doesn’t want to equip? How else do you really make something your own?

A redesigned garage is no different. Regardless of whether you want to brighten up a room with adjustable lighting or place bicycles and skis on a precisely fitting louvre wall, we are the central point of contact for the adaptation of garages.


The next step is we have to talk. You see, while Hello Garage’s products and lifetime warranty are category killers, our people are our true differentiator.

That said, we don’t just distribute franchise contracts to people willing to write a check. We need to be sure that you are right for us, just as you need to be sure that we are right for you. Just fill out the form below so we can talk about your future.


After all, every successful franchise should really start with hello …

Please send our inquiry form to get in touch and learn more about owning your own Hello Garage!

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