Start a JEI Learning Center Franchise

Start a JEI Learning Center Franchise

The JEI Learning Center believes in the unlimited potential of children and their ability to become the creative leaders of tomorrow.

JEI’s scientifically proven self-study method will help build student confidence by learning step by step individually in math and language arts programs. Once children start learning on their own, their potential grows exponentially.

“A better life through better education” is the philosophy behind the internationally recognized method of JEI. JEI provides effective complementary education for children through the quality of the innovative educational approach of our centers. Gifted and talented students, students working at the grade level, and students who may need extra attention enjoy an enriching and immersive academic experience with proven results.

The JEI difference

With a recommended ratio of 5 to 1, children are given the opportunity to work closely with an instructor. JEI-enabled directors inspire their students to develop critical thinking and encourage them to explore their limitless creative minds and develop a passion for education from a young age.

Why Own a JEI Franchise?

JEI has guided millions of students to their full potential since 1977. It offers one of the most effective complementary educational programs in the world. Here are some reasons you should consider owning a JEI franchise:

  • State-oriented curriculum
  • Multiple revenue generating themes
  • Low initial investment of $ 63,000 to $ 105,000
  • Lowest royalties among competitors
  • Protected areas and potential for multiple units

JEI’s support for success

As a JEI franchisee, you will immediately benefit when our exceptional team of business and education professionals stand up for you. JEI offers franchisees the very best in professional training, support and guidance. We strive to increase consumer awareness through creative and cutting edge marketing and media, and we are constantly researching and developing new ideas for our business support system.


We offer several types of comprehensive training courses to prepare you for the day-to-day running of your center. Our training courses also offer support in improving the quality of service for your customers.

Side selection

JEI will work with you to locate and research potential locations using the latest demographic information, analysis of competitors and specific rental agreement guidelines.

Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing department supports you in creating seasonal and location-specific advertising. In addition, we can help you plan your center’s individual marketing strategy using various media, including social media.

Administrative support

Our administration and franchise departments offer you comprehensive support in your daily operations. You will also have access to our proprietary diagnostic testing and web-based student management software, available only to the directors of the JEI Learning Center.

There are currently nearly 100 centers in the US and new JEI centers are opening every month. JEI has been leading students for over 35 years and has a global presence with over 500 locations.

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