Start a Joe Homebuyer Franchise

Start a Joe Homebuyer Franchise

Real estate solutions for financial freedom.

Joe Homebuyer is a turnkey real estate franchise company. Our franchisees operate their businesses to provide real estate solutions through the purchase, repair and wholesale of residential property.

We are a team of professional home buyers who have proudly helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes successfully!

We put the seller first, which means the business has to work for you in order for it to work for us. We focus on education and integrity, which has earned us our reputation as one of the most respected buyers in the area. There are no gimmicks, hassles or costs.


As a Joe Homebuyer franchisee, you’ll oversee the overall running of your business including executing your marketing plan, approving budgets, meeting with sellers, determining the best exit strategy for each property, and managing your company’s KPIs.

A Joe Homebuyer franchise is a very low overhead, low staffing company.

Who is Joe Homebuyer?

  • Turnkey real estate acquisition franchise.
  • Distressed property acquisition.
  • Joe Homebuyer offers creative win-win solutions for homeowners who would benefit from a quick and easy cash offer.

Why Joe Homebuyer?

  • Highly indebted real estate model.
  • Provide solutions for homeowners in need.
  • Purchase discount real estate outside of the market.
  • Custom marketing support.
  • Look for discounted single and multi-family homes.
  • Learn how to purchase discounted rental properties without your own money.
  • Comprehensive training and support.
  • Coaching includes marketing and exit strategies.
  • Ongoing support as your company scales.

Ideal candidate

  • Do you have a passion for real estate?
  • Are you ready to do anything for the property seller?
  • Can you lead a small team while scaling?
  • Are you ambitious and flexible?

Ready to join our team of professional home buyers?

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