Start a Kiddie Academy® Franchise

Own a business that is not yours!

$ 1,709,196 * is the average revenue for a Kiddie Academy® facility open for at least 24 months – your financial goals could be within reach!

In the Kiddie Academy we awaken the possibilities through care, learning and fun. By connecting these things together, we ensure that our students are constantly stimulated, constantly interested, and constantly growing.

Our curriculum includes character development and life skills, reinforced by our family dining and creative play. Kiddie Academy Domestic Franchising, LLC is accredited by AdvancED, an organization that accredits over 27,000 public and private schools and districts in the United States and 69 countries.

  • Number of reported locations: 179
  • Average Revenue: $ 1,709,196 *
  • Average Gross Profit: $ 454,668 *

Benefits of Owning a Kiddie Academy Franchise

  • Comprehensive business model and support.
  • Flexible schedule from Monday to Friday.
  • Option to own or lease real estate.
  • Growing demand as more dual income families and single parents seek high quality childcare.

Start-up help

  • Third party financing options with access to SBA financing.
  • Robust support program for financing, site selection, construction, licensing, training, pre-launch and ramp-up.

Academy design

  • The signature Kiddie Academy building is designed to provide families with a Kiddie Academy branded experience while allowing you to design and build your academy to meet local regulations and market requirements in your sanctuary.
  • Our real estate and construction teams support you in choosing your location and in the construction of academies, regardless of whether you decide on a construction that corresponds to leasing, the option to buy or the inline conversion.

High quality, ongoing training and support

  • Our franchisees benefit first of all from comprehensive training for you and your employees as well as ongoing refresher training programs.
  • We combine the best of instruction and hands-on learning to ensure skills are acquired, retained and applied in practice.
  • A franchise management consultant will help with the opening with on-site visits, additional training, and sharing best practices.

Achieve your personal and professional goals and provide valuable service to the families in your community.

Make a difference in your life and yours!

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* The financial performance of all 179 mature academies has also been grouped by gross profit generated for the 2019 calendar year. The following table shows the results of the “Top Quarter”, which is made up of the 45 mature academies with the highest gross profit. 21 academies, or 47% of the top quarter, reported gross sales above the reported average. 15 academies or 33% of the top quarter reported gross profit above the reported average.


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