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Life is short. Stretch it out.

Since we got our front page, write from New York TimesWe have positioned ourselves as the market leader for the assisted stretching concept. Kika Stretch Studios offer our customers measurable results that cannot be achieved by other models.

Why Own a Kika Stretch Studios Franchise?

  • First mover advantage: The Kika Stretch Studios are territorially available in all major markets. Have your own local market. Experience flexibility.
  • Comprehensive support: What makes a great franchisee successful is the support they receive from the franchisor. We will support you for the duration of your journey to open your Kika Stretch Studios franchise.
  • Executive model: Our founder scaled her first Kika Stretch Studio to what it is today with just $ 500. She will teach you how to transform your Kika Stretch Studios business into a model that will thrive too.
  • Investment: Residual income from a stretching studio? Yes! We show you how you can generate income flexibly.
  • Private one-on-one meetings: Kika Stretch Studios strives to provide the ultimate customer experience. Clients are never stretched in a room full of people to encourage complete and complete relaxation.

Kika Stretch Studios offers a strong operating model and differentiation from other gym companies. Kika is the top performing exception in the very lucrative and growing fitness industry.

Stretching to success

The Kika Stretch Studios management team provides unrivaled training and support to any franchisee when they join the Kika family.


Through extensive research and experience, our team knows where a Kika Stretch Studio needs to be built for its best performance. We’ll guide you through the entire process of finding a property location for your franchise.


Do you need help with financing? We will connect you with our third party providers who will help you find the loan that best suits your needs.


We will assist you in selecting and building your franchise location, including assistance with location selection and all the other elements involved in developing a Kika Stretch Studio.


We offer weekly calls connecting all of our franchisees. These calls will help you stay up to date on what’s going on in the company and allow you to brainstorm with other franchisees so that our franchisees can work together and learn from each other.


We provide weekly sales videos to your employees to ensure they are well trained in our business practices. We also expand your team by training all of your employees in our proven, unique sales process.


Training is the most important element of any Kika Stretch Studios business. You will attend a two-week training course at our corporate headquarters in Montclair, NJ. You will also take our weekly franchisee call and take part in annual training.

We understand that selling is vital to any business. That’s why we offer weekly sales training videos for your employees so they can add to your bottom line.

About Kika

Hakika DuBose, dancer and actress, is the founder and CEO of Power Stretch Studios ™ and the KIKA Method ™. She has played in the Apollo Circus of Soul in the world famous Apollo Theater in New York and in showcases of choreographers in Manhattan. She was also seen on HBOs Flight of unitys and on NBCs 30 skirt.

After Hakika gained a wealth of experience in body movement, stretching, nutrition and a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from Montclair State University (NJ), Hakika decided to offer stretching sessions to professional bodybuilders. They loved their techniques and wondered how they improved their performance and general mobility.

The KIKA method of assisted stretching was born.

After years of stretching, Hakika realized that there was a direct connection between flexibility and muscle relaxation.

There was a way to combine both elements and teach people a way to really put their bodies into a state of relaxation while improving their flexibility.

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    Kika Stretch Studios Franchise Video

The KIKA method, which is revolutionizing the world of stretching, is based on Hakika’s training in dance, personal training, the Alexander technique, Laban movement analysis and advanced anatomy. Your stretch trainers are thoroughly trained in their techniques for unlocking flexibility.


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