Start a LIME Painting Franchise

Start a LIME Painting Franchise

Love. Integrity. Mission. Excellence. That makes us LIME Painting.

Award-winning residential and commercial painting

These are the values ​​that make us LIME Painting. We are a value-based high-end painter franchise company that, as a contract service provider, focuses on customer-specific interior and exterior painting in the residential and commercial sector.

LIME Painting® specializes in painting, coating and surface restoration for homes and companies. However, we help our customers fall in love with their home.

LIME is the first and only high-end painting franchise. We are a premium brand serving an affluent population who wants quality. We are an entity of business owners who consistently deliver world class product and service.

Why own a LIME painting franchise?

Are you looking for more freedom and flexibility in your career? Do you need a new business challenge? Do you want to become part of a values-driven company that enables you to make a living while making a difference in your community?

Strong economy From 2017 through the end of 2019, our Denver store had gross sales of $ 5.7 million with net income of $ 885,000!

No competition We are the only painter franchisee serving the high end luxury paint market, which means our franchisees have virtually no competition.

Low costs, low overhead, quick start-up With a ramp-up time of 30 to 90 days, franchisees can start their business for as little as 90,000.

15 sources of income With 15 different revenue streams, our franchisees have the ability to generate higher revenues with each order. Our average ticket costs are three times the industry average!

Technology-driven Our technology platform LIMEWare is a centralized mobile platform that allows you to gain insights and manage your home improvement business to make your success easier.

A $ 400 billion industry Join LIME Painting and benefit from an exploding industry.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made – Matt Snider, LIME franchise owner | Castle Rock, CO

How our business model works

LIME Painting doesn’t compete in a saturated space filled with numerous painting franchises. Instead, we were able to build a solution-driven business model for our wealthy customers by listening to both customer needs and what they dislike about the home improvement industry.

High-end properties usually require more than just a fresh coat of paint. That is why we offer 15 different services:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • New customers of the customer
  • Stucco / Eifs / Dryvit
  • Door restoration
  • cabinets
  • Faux finishes
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Straight to metal
  • Masonry
  • carpentry
  • Drywall
  • Gutter replacement
  • EPA Lead Certified

Are you someone who

Is it driven by values?

There is a power within you that drives you to do good, to serve others and to put ethics above profits. We are a value-based and value-driven business empire with a heart inspired by love and service, and it is important to us that our franchisees are too.

Is the community focused?

As an organization, we want to offer more than just a money-making service. For this reason we launched our charitable LIME Light Outreach to empower local youth. Our LIME Light model offers our franchisees the opportunity to give something back to their communities without having to spend too much time or money.

Is Business Savvy?

Franchisees do not need any previous knowledge of the painting or home improvement industry. Most owners spend most of their time running and managing the business. You are driven by success and want to grow into several units.

Do you want to contribute to a fast growing industry?

The painting industry alone is worth $ 40 billion. This is an amount that grows 4% every year. LIME Painting has developed a business model that focuses on the most lucrative segments of the industry – luxury real estate. Typically, the average painting business charges $ 2,723 per job. Here at LIME, our average ticket is over $ 13,000.

Are you looking for freedom and flexibility?

It is important to find a healthy work-life balance no matter what your job is. Our business model gives our franchisees both the freedom and flexibility necessary to build a stable and successful business.

Take your first step to success!

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