Start a Maids In America Cleaning Group Franchise

Start a Maids In America Cleaning Group Franchise

Business & Homes security since 2007


From housekeeping to full-scale janitorial, your websites and marketing will be run at a level no competitor in your market will match. Let your competitors languish with generic glorified brochure websites that are slow to load and ultimately do very little to attract customers.

WIN in the cleaning business

Join in and find out how rewarding and fun it can be to manage great cleaners while we take care of the marketing and sales for you.


Cleaning services for residential and business premises have increased steadily and steadily over the past 10 years and … in 2020 saw the greatest surge in demand in the industry. Hop on the train before it leaves the station and enjoy total control as your own boss in one of the hottest industries.


Most cleaning service franchises are pure marketing companies. Maids In America has been a cleaning company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 2007. We cleaned about 5000 homes and businesses and built our training system on that experience.


Our company is the top rated and best rated cleaning company in one of the most saturated markets in the United States. We stay way ahead of the competition with innovations that not only keep customers loyal and satisfied, but also attract new interested parties with a strong media presence and the Visual Clean System.

The Visual Clean System

There are so many gimmicks and promises made by cleaning companies how their unique system will help you keep customers happy and run your business. None of them are worth mentioning.

The Visual Clean System is a “quality control system”, not a gimmick. New prospects ultimately turn to your franchise company because they expect better cleaning results thanks to the Visual Clean system.

Financial security and an improved quality of life start and end with Winning Online, defined as:

  • To have a strong brand that increases the quality expectations of potential customers.
  • Award winning websites that get website visitors to take action and become customers.
  • Dominant “organic” and paid rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • Strong YouTube presence with nervous videos without a cookie cutter.
  • Credibility with customer ratings and targeted monthly cleaning VLOG / BLOGs for your market.
  • Award winning customer magnet websites.
  • Rank number one in Google for your market.
  • Become the top rated cleaning service in your market.
  • Super smooth YouTube video presence NOW.

We don’t gamble with trying to sell markets. There is one Maids In America franchisee for every 300,000 people. So in fact, your market size is up to 1 million people with no additional cost or market size restrictions.

are you Ready to be part of the Maids In America team?

We are looking for investors who are part of the team and not just franchise owners. Follow our training courses and run the tools we provide such as the Visual Clean System from marketing, hiring, training, execution, quality control and re-marketing.

Join Maids In America and WIN on cleaning!

Please submit our inquiry form to get in touch and learn more about owning a Maids in America franchise!

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