Start a mailbox and business center developer business

Start a mailbox and business center developer business

Today’s fastest growing independent PO Box developer in North America.

Mailbox and Business Center Developers give you the best opportunity to become a MAILBOX STORE OWNER

The Mailbox Store’s Most Economical Developer – Mailbox and Business Center developers complete the turnkey package for only $ 78,900.

We offer a comprehensive package that covers all relevant aspects of the long-term opening and successful operation of a mailbox retail business. You can offer your customers 40+ profitable and sought-after personal and business services.

We thought of everything

We are the only mail and package developer that includes a color copier with black and white copier functions, state-of-the-art POS and interactive customer touchscreens in your business package.

We’ll help you find your new location, negotiate the lease, design and lay out the business, physical expansion, secure financing and ongoing support.

We supply all of the post office box store goods, furnishings, equipment and consumables along with the work team to start the store and we do it quickly and professionally.

We offer 3 package options

  • Value package: $ 78,900 – Everything you need to get started.
  • Standard package: $ 98,900 Welcome to Printing.
  • Premium package: $ 128,900 – A full-service shipping and printing business, and more.

(Please see our Finance tab for more details on each package.)

Training and support

Training is designed to ensure that each new owner is familiar with the many aspects of business management. This experience begins before and well after the store opens.

Your trainer will be in touch with you before and after the store opens.

This training includes a full review of a comprehensive operations manual and related materials designed to assist you in the day-to-day running of your business. Classroom and on-site training is offered and recommended prior to the store opening.

To quote Business Opportunity Magazine

… the packaging and mail order business has a low risk factor in an industry with good growth. Millions of consumers avoid miles of queues at the post office by turning to packaging and shipping services. These one-stop shops package almost anything and ship it almost anywhere on national airlines.

This is not a franchise


Since we are NOT a franchise company, there are no ongoing license fees or fees. However, you will receive long-term support and access to industry networks. Right from the start, you have complete control over all decisions related to YOUR store, including location, store layout, opening times and goods.


Mailbox and Business Center Developers is affiliated with one of the largest retail store developers in the country. In just over 12 years, they have opened over 2,500 successful retail stores in the United States, helping independent shopkeepers achieve their dreams of business ownership and financial independence.


Software included: Windows 7; Microsoft Office; QuickBooks Link (in the POS system); Inventory management system; Mailbox Management System … and much more.

You have the freedom to be your own boss and be a successful mailbox store owner!

Complete turnkey packages starting at just $ 78,900

Please request information below now to start the conversation and learn more!

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