Start a MobileAppCity Business

Start a MobileAppCity Business

Mobile apps – booming now more than ever

Did you lose your job This could be your solution.

These technologies are needed now more than ever. When people work from home and are afraid to buy goods and services in person, businesses need these services to make sales online / remote. The last few months have been our biggest gross months since we started in 2011!

Work from home and build a successful business helping other businesses survive and thrive through the pandemic.

Benefit from a fast-growing industry

Own the ultimate lifestyle business in the booming mobile app industry – no technical knowledge required.

Help business owners attract more customers with mobile technology solutions and a wide range of digital services. Get comprehensive training and assistance with no license fees

We make mobile apps and digital services affordable for businesses by using proprietary technologies to create business-style mobile apps. In combination with our experience and knowledge that you receive through our extensive training and our continuous support, you have everything you need to be successful immediately.

Mobile App City offers:

  • Low investment of $ 15,000 with an income potential of over $ 150,000
  • Low Risk Business: Only a handful of customers can achieve a 100% return
  • Multiple streams of passive income
  • Full training with ongoing support
  • Financing and payment options available (may start with zero if approved)
  • No need to hire staff or rent a building
  • Very little overhead
  • Can work from home
  • Proven track record

Essentially everything you need to get up and running quickly.

  • No license fees
  • No area restrictions
  • Run the business the way you want and still have all the training, systems and processes in place.

Broad range of services:

The services they offer include: Mobile apps – that help a company dramatically increase repeat business; Container Mobile Apps (Uber Eats is an example of a Container Mobile App); Online grocery ordering service, websites, SEO, online and social media marketing – to name a few.

Essentially a set of services that help a company get more customers and outsmart their competition.

I started Mobile App City 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. They kept everything they promised and got me into this exciting new business. I was able to quit my job with my passive income and I received great support from the Mobile App City team. I recommend anyone looking to start a business to do so 100%. – Ben, WA


We believe this is the best business opportunity on the market today. Now fill out the form below and you will receive an email with a detailed information package.

This is an easy way to get started with different sales options depending on how you want to build your business. The investment is only $ 19,950 + VAT.

Request information below to find out how this can be the business that will bring you the income and lifestyle you want.

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