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Owning a Mold Response Team gives you the opportunity to work with an industry leader in a highly competitive industry whose revenue is growing more and more each year.

Don’t let the competitive nature of the industry get in the way. Our concept is different from any other. We’ve designed our business to provide you with the knowledge, support, and training that will help you effectively meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Why mold remediation?

Mold, sometimes referred to as a “silent killer,” can have detrimental effects on families’ health and quality of life without them knowing why.

Mold growth increases the risk of breathing problems by 30 to 50%. In the US, 4.6 million cases of asthma are due to excessive moisture, wetness, and mold in their homes.

The Mold Response Team ™ is accelerating its mold removal efforts by distributing its high-precision mold inspection and testing services.

The difference in the Mold Response Team

MRI uses the latest and most advanced diagnostic scientific equipment to achieve a very high percentage of accuracy in results.

The results are then certified by independent accredited laboratories, increasing the credibility of the final results.

MRI isn’t limited to mold testing only, so we also offer permanent diagnostic solutions for constant water leakage and air quality. This diversification enables us to offer holistic services for a healthy and habitable home.


We offer two different types of franchise opportunities.

  • You can choose to own one Single unit franchise This allows you to run your own Mold Response Team in a protected area of ​​your choice.
  • We also offer Territory development franchise For those who want to lock down a larger area and slowly build up a number of Mold Response Team locations / areas.


The Mold Response Team offers a comprehensive and hands-on training program to ensure franchisees have 100% the knowledge, skills and expertise to run their own center successfully.

Our multi-phase training includes hours of practical training at one of our established locations as well as many hours of ongoing support at your newly established location.

Are you ready to work with an industry leader in a highly competitive industry whose sales are growing more and more every year?

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    Mold Response Team: Our Franchise Opportunity
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