Start a native ceuticals business

Start a native ceuticals business

Interested in one of the fastest growing Industries in the United States?

Whether you own / run your own business or just want to add a new source of income to your current portfolio, Native Ceuticals will catapult you into the CBD scene!

In just 6 months we’ve transitioned from a “Seed to Shelf” business model to planting those seeds and filling our shelves in 4 locations here in North Carolina, 2 of which are licensed!

But we won’t stop in North Carolina! We already have additional license holder locations expected to open in the summer of 2020, and we’re opening the floodgates to launch our amazing products and surefire business model nationwide!

Don’t miss your opportunity to join an industry that Forbes is projected to reach over $ 20 billion by 2024!

Here at Native Ceuticals we offer you:

  • Extremely low startup costs.
  • Seed to Shelf business model – everything from cultivation to production to packaging under one roof.
  • Premium products (all organic / vegan – provided with analysis certificates).
  • Further education.
  • Simple and uncomplicated price / order process.

Why Ceuticals Native CBD Oils?

Well, as we saw in the vaping industry recently, you need to be careful about what you build into your body.

At Native Ceuticals we pride ourselves on our “Seed to Shelf” business model, which enables us to ensure the quality of our products at every stage of production. Whether we’re home-grown or sourced from hemp farms here in North Carolina, we only start with the best strains of cannabis.

Our professionally processed oils are then sent for third party testing to ensure the highest levels of cannabinoids and the absence of residual solvents, mold, or pesticides. These additional steps are taken not only to ensure that we are offering the highest quality products, but most importantly to ensure that they are safe for our customers.

Native Ceuticals puts your needs first.

At Native Ceuticals, we not only offer the highest quality products, but we also believe that training our customers is not optional, it is essential.

We are only satisfied when you understand both the “what” and the “why” of every item we carry. Since not all needs are created equal, we want to make sure that your needs come first while you are in our store or online! Be separate from a business that makes a difference and really cares.

Bring our amazing natural CBD products to your community!

Become a Native Ceuticals Licensee by submitting the link on the Inquiry Form to find out more!

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