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P.volve is revolutionizing the fitness industry, one micro-movement at a time.

Our proprietary method and patented equipment help members improve overall body function, relieve pain and gain muscle mass. Now we welcome passionate franchisees who join our mission to transform the fitness landscape through functional, feel-good workouts.

Find strength in our business model

At P.volve we are not afraid to be different. From our method to our hybrid fitness model, we are a standout franchise opportunity with serious strength behind the scenes.

Here are the benefits that you can expect from becoming a P.volve franchisee:

  • Multiple Sources of Income – Maximize member sales and engagement with a variety of membership packages, equipment sales, and active apparel.
  • In-Studio and Virtual Classes – Offer your members incredible value with hybrid memberships that include in-person, on-demand and live-stream classes.
  • SCIENTIFIC APPROACH – Every one of our moves has been reviewed by medical professionals and health professionals to ensure they are as safe as they are effective.
  • Brand Awareness – We have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, Forbes and Popsugar, to name a few.
  • Instructor Training – With 100 hours of courses and an online training platform, you can help shape the best fitness trainers in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Support – In addition to franchise training and launch support, you have a dedicated business coach to guide you through every phase of your growth.
  • Marketing & Media – Take advantage of P.volve’s strong social media presence and gain access to local marketing resources.
  • Economical Studios – Your luxurious studio will fit in an area of ​​approximately 3,000 m². Space and does not take up the bulky equipment required for many other boutique concepts

Perform the Rising Functional Fitness exercise

The P.volve Method uses low impact, high intensity movements that work with the body’s natural mechanics to tone muscles and relieve pain.

Unlike many other boutique studios, P.volve doesn’t prioritize short-term results over long-term health. Our sustainable method delivers incredible results without further damaging the body through strenuous workouts that do more harm than good.

Combined with patented equipment that you sell in your studio, your prospective members can achieve their best body ever while improving their overall daily function.

Shape the boutique fitness industry

Boutique fitness is a booming industry with growth potential in markets in the United States. As people learn the effects of fitness on their health, they are constantly looking for exciting ways to work up a sweat like a hobby rather than a job.

Group fitness offers members the perfect opportunity to improve their health while maintaining connections with like-minded people.

P.volve is a truly standout boutique fitness concept with an exclusive method your members will not find anywhere else.

  • 1 million + people who signed up for workouts
  • Over 355,000 devices sold
  • 75 countries with P.volve members
  • $ 16- $ 18 average price per class

Franchise with P.volve

This method changed my life for the better. I knew I had to share it with the world. We have built a thriving community and I can’t wait to bring P.volve to more people. – Rachel Katzman, founder

Learn how to change life for the better while starting your own business.

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