Start a Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting Franchise

Start a Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting Franchise

We are the “gold standard” in hospitality recruiting.

Patrice & Associates is the nation’s largest and most well known hospitality recruiting firm. Patrice Rice has been recognized as an expert in the hospitality job market.

As a franchisee at Patrice & Associates, you’ll enjoy a rewarding career with a proven system. If you are interested in a professional B2B business with low overhead and high ROI potential, you’ve come to the right place.

Patrice & Associates is the “jewel” of franchising

Ranked 12th in Top 100 Franchises Under $ 100,000 by Entrepreneur 500 in 2019!

  • It is a Resistant to recession Industry. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries.
  • Built-in Customers from day one!
  • It’s a repeat / existing deal: Customers give us their job list every week. Candidates use us more than once.
  • It’s a company with one Limited number from competitors.
  • Turnkey service: You will be in business with existing customers from day one.
  • Growth potential: Business can get as big and profitable as you want.
  • Profitability: Cash flow begins within 90 days and ROI is possible within the first year.
  • No area restrictions: You can sit in California and meet needs in NYC.

We offer 2 flexible franchise models

  1. Home Based Model: Franchisee / Recruiter and 1 or more virtual recruiters.
  2. Brick and mortar model: Franchisees will hire 2-4 people as recruiters, a production office manager who will run the business and conduct business development and customer acquisition. Recruiters can be hired as hired commission employees.

Franchisees aren’t limited to the number of recruiters they can hire. Each franchisee creates a business plan with their coach that defines their growth strategy. Complete, turnkey rental sets available.

The Patrice & Associates advantage

  • Fast cash flow: In just 90 days thanks to integrated customers
  • Scalable (franchisee): Can grow into a company with employees and its own list of client companies, or it can be started as a stationary location that can be duplicated in multiple areas.
  • Limited national competition: We’ve been in business longer than any other hospitality recruiting company. We’re the largest company in the country, we have an excellent reputation, and we’re number 1 on a natural google search for hospitality recruiters. Hospitality and retail are our only focus.
  • State-of-the-art software: Scheduling & Management Recruiting software for planning and tracking all contacts and interviews.

Area Developer Program

For those interested in building a larger area, we offer one of the most competitive area developer programs available.

As a Patrice Regional Developer you have the opportunity to develop around 25 areas AND You will receive your own license for simultaneous operation.

You also participate by receiving a portion of the new franchise fees, paying for the training of new franchisees, and contributing to the license fee. Meanwhile, a team was developing in one of the hottest industries of the next decade, hospitality.

Initial training / franchisee support


One week of virtual training and two weeks of hands-on training in Dunkirk, MD. One week of formal classroom training and one week of on-the-job training working side-by-side with successful recruiters.

Each franchisee is assigned a mentor who provides daily support for the first 90 days. In addition, support calls are made after the training from the head office in group form and individual weekly coaching calls with a mentor. or member of the support center team.


Our area developer training is tailor-made, but includes the area developer training and a 12-week boarding and ramp-up program.


We have a franchisee group page that stores all of our training materials and podcasts, as well as a discussion page where franchisees can ask questions and offer support to one another.

We have an established, franchisee-selected FAC (Franchise Advisory Council), quarterly kick-off calls and weekly training conducted by staff and guest speaker franchisees focused on improving the ROI of each franchisee.

A business for your lifestyle

We believe that you are a business owner and not an employee with a quota and penalty for minimum performance. This business can give you whatever you are looking for at any time of your life!

Let’s start the conversation.

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