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Unleash your inner entrepreneur with a Pet Supplies Plus franchise.

Owning our pet shop is rewarding in several ways.

If you have always dreamed of owning a business that would get you out of the rat race and let you do something you love, Pet Supplies Plus is the opportunity you are looking for. It is worth repeating. People are absolutely crazy about their pets.

Spike and Fluffy have Instagram accounts, they have Halloween outfits, they travel with the family. And as such, no matter what state the economy is in, their loyal owners will open their wallets for them.

The pet industry has enormous potential.

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that is recession-resistant, has seen unprecedented growth, and offers you significant profit potential, Pet Supplies Plus is the place for you. We are the industry leader wagging tongues and tails.

As the largest chain of independent pet stores, nobody has a bigger presence in the industry.

Pet Supplies Plus has over 500 stores in 35 states and over 30 years of franchise experience in the pet supplies business. Franchisees rely on us for comprehensive training and ongoing support to keep their businesses ahead of the competition and strong.

The Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Difference

When it comes to customer service and innovation, Pet Supplies Plus is a rare breed.


People love working with pets and helping their owners make the right decisions. When your employees share a love for pets and your brand values, they enjoy their time at work and want to stay, resulting in low revenue for your business.


Our customers stay loyal because we are connected to the community and local. Nobody can match our customer service and the attention to detail of our employees.

We remember every name – from customers to pets! In addition, our franchisees not only sponsor community events that their customers love, but also host them.


When you consider how many existing franchisees are opening more stores, it is clear that they have made an emotional investment in the Pet Supplies Plus brand.

Our franchisees love how they transform their communities and want to share that happiness across the country while making worthwhile business investments.


With pick-up from the roadside within 1 hour and free delivery on the same day. We have combined the friendly, personal service of your local pet store with technical advances that make shopping with us quick, friendly and convenient. We are also way ahead of industry standards.


The trends in the industry showed that customers want healthier products for their pets. That’s why we have developed our own brand for dog food. Redford Naturals is free of fillers, colors, and flavors. Redford Naturals now has cat food and treats along with dog food.

Customers get premium dog / cat food and lower prices, owners get a loyal customer as Redford can only be found in PSP stores, lower unit costs and a higher profit margin – win, win, win.

Additionally, Mittens’ Morsels was launched in 2020 to compete with grocery / bulk cat food

We designed this proprietary brand for our franchisees to have better margins, which in turn helps your bottom line.


To get franchisees up and running at full capacity, we offer training for two weeks in a store. That way, they can experience the brand firsthand and really understand what it takes to run a business from an operational perspective.

For your employees, we have a full online library of training videos that they can access at any time to improve their skills and learn new techniques to better serve our customers and their pets.

From marketing to merchandising and everything in between, the support from Pet Supplies Plus is phenomenal. – Brian Rolf | Franchise owners with multiple units

We’re the pet franchise animal lovers love to own.

Pet Supplies Plus franchise owners are many things – engaging, smart, fun, engaging – and they come from all walks of life. But one thing they all share is a real love for pets.

If you’re interested in a Pet Supplies Plus franchise but aren’t crazy about pets, you might be barking at the wrong tree.

If you love pets and have the motivation to do well and get the most of your investment then you are exactly the type of person we are looking for.

Become a Pet Supplies Plus franchise owner and take advantage of the enormous profit potential of this industry.

Request more information below to take the next steps to own a Pet Supplies Plus in your community!

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