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A unique B2B franchise on an industrial basis

PIRTEK is a unique B2B franchise and one of the few industrial franchise companies available. Wherever there is industry, there is a need for hydraulic and industrial hose replacement.

Countless devices work with hydraulics or pneumatics and require regular hose changes. Taking advantage of this continuing need, franchisees build successful businesses and create the lifestyle they have dreamed of.


The company has more than 400 Service & Supply Centers and a fleet of mobile service vehicles in 23 countries. It goes well with entrepreneurs who understand the value of relationship building.

Top 5 industries that benefit from PIRTEK’s services:

  • construction
  • Equipment rental
  • Transport & logistics
  • Manufacturing & production
  • Waste & recycling

Training and support

With the PIRTEK system you have more than 40 years of experience and know-how. You are in business for yourself, but not for yourself. Whether it is helping you find a suitable location or helping you with local marketing, the PIRTEK strategic system will support you every step of the way.

As a PIRTEK franchisee, you receive:


Focus on building your business from day one. PIRTEK supports franchisees with marketing materials, promotional items and sales programs to support their growth. PIRTEK also participates in a mix of marketing channels including SEO, national print magazines, newsletters, email campaigns, as well as national sports sponsorship programs.


PIRTEK offers support with area assessment, site selection, expansion, equipment, inventory, vehicle procurement and fitting, certified training, proprietary computer software, customer sales and much more.


PIRTEK offers you and your entire team its program. The training program lasts one to two weeks, depending on the position. It includes sales, marketing, accounting, administration, IT and technical training. It also offers certifications that are recognized by the International Fluid Power Society.

Your franchise fee grants you:

  • Onboarding and training
  • Access to our computer system, simplify operations
  • Marketing support
  • National accounts
  • Use of our brand name
  • Our proven business model

frequently asked Questions

Previous industry experience is NOT necessary.

The most important requirement for starting your own PIRTEK franchise is the willingness to take the business into your own hands.

What are the Franchise Levels available?

Tier 1 Franchises are traditional brick and mortar stores. As a rule, franchisees have 5 to 7 employees and start the business with at least 3 mobile service units that can help customers on site.

If you’re not ready to invest in a Tier 1 franchise, a Rank 2 Business is a great way to start your PIRTEK franchise. Tier 2 franchise companies start their business exclusively with mobile sales and service units, e.g. B. Company vehicles, and are later expanded to tier 1 franchise companies.

The costs included in the Tier 2 franchise investment include:

  • Mobile sales and service units
  • Training costs
  • Computer systems
  • Five months of operating costs

How much does it cost to open a PIRTEK franchise?

The total cost of opening a PIRTEK franchise depends on factors such as: B. the level you have chosen and the area you are in.

  • Tier 1: Startup costs between $ 350,000 and $ 750,000
  • Rank 2: Startup costs between $ 160,000 and $ 460,000

These estimates include just about everything you need to get your new business up and running.

If you are looking to start and grow your own business, you might be well suited to an industrial franchise!

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    PIRTEK USA - Service Center Tier 1 Franchise Opportunity

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