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Authentic Cajun cuisine

Pot & Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen is a “fast, casual” Cajun restaurant chain that offers freshly prepared, authentic Cajun cuisine with all meals, meals and catering. Pot & Paddle was founded by Chuck Lavigne in 2014 and continues to expand. There are plans to open new locations across South Louisiana and beyond.

As a former restaurant owner, Chuck has served Louisiana locals and visitors alike with freshly made, authentic Cajun dishes for nearly a decade. In 2006 he bought his first Cajun restaurant.

With minimal capital, a dream, and a lot of hard work, Chuck managed to triple his sales and grow his business into one of the top-selling Jambalaya restaurants in the Baton Rouge area with a loyal customer base.

In December 2013, Chuck’s restaurant was destroyed by fire. Unimpressed and optimistic, Chuck decided to turn his misfortune into an opportunity by using his proven best practices to grow his business. Today Chuck does just that! He is currently the co-owner and operator of two new Pot & Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen locations.

Why Pot & Paddle?

Here at Pot & Paddle we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the best jambalaya in Louisiana, along with a comfortable setting and great service.

We have worked hard to perfect a menu of authentic Cajun cuisine, and in doing so we have earned our spot as one of the best restaurants in our area.


Pot & Paddle strives to provide delicious, authentic Cajun cuisine in a timely manner with the utmost consideration for customer satisfaction.

Our recipes are proven to satisfy the taste buds of lifelong Cajun, giving visitors a taste of real Cajun cuisine in a practical, enjoyable setting. We pride ourselves on our service, our product, and our brand that set us apart from our competition.


In operation, Pot & Paddle offers a simple format with a simple menu so you have more time to grow your business.


Before opening your Pot & Paddle Jambalaya kitchen, our managers will offer you extensive hands-on training. During this training, you will learn all aspects of how to prepare each dish, how to order efficiently, and the secrets of the industry for running a successful Jambalaya restaurant.

You will learn what appeals to your customer base and how you can use the point-of-sale systems used at pot & paddle locations. You will get to know the daily processes, billing methods and pricing strategies and receive relevant manuals and handbooks. Most importantly, you become a permanent part of the pot and paddle team.

Ongoing franchise support

As a franchisor, Pot & Paddle is interested in one thing; the success of every location we open. In fact, our commitment to your success doesn’t end when your doors open. Pot & Paddle offers ongoing support while adhering to an “open door” policy that enables our franchisees to access our support at any time.

Our support includes on-site visits, access to experienced Jambalaya chefs, and assistance from our business people and graphic designers.


Being part of the Pot & Paddle franchise has its advantages when it comes to negotiating costs with local vendors. With five locations already in operation and with more to come, Pot & Paddle’s franchisees have collective bargaining power to reduce costs and increase profits in each store.

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