Start a . franchise in Florida

Start a . franchise in Florida

An award-winning system

We have stood out from the crowd for over 20 years


Unlike the competition, . affiliates enjoy exclusive territories, the support of headquarters and other affiliates, as well as benefit from the competitive advantage of a more compelling value-based product.

As a qualified affiliate, you will have all the resources you need to start and run your business while enjoying the freedom to manage your schedules.


Just like Uber® did for taxis and Airbnb® did for hotels, . is revolutionizing real estate in new and exciting ways. Get on board, we are only at the beginning.


Enjoy the feeling of helping homeowners in your community take control of their sales process and save thousands of commissions. It’s good to be one of the good guys.


From exclusive territories and hands-on training, to high-tech tools and ongoing support, we pride ourselves on being invaluable partners for your long-term success.

We help homeowners save thousands by selling privately

Our affiliates offer a growing mix of marketing and support services designed to help clients easily and successfully sell their home, including:

  • Photography
  • Price support
  • Response service
  • Showing assistance
  • Mortgage solutions
  • Online publication
  • Mortgage solutions
  • Social media campaigns
  • Legal services
  • And more …

Everything you need to be successful

Your journey begins at . University (PGU®), when you visit our world-class training facility to engage with our professional trainers for a week of hands-on learning.

PGU allowed us to get to know the amazing home office staff better and to meet our new Zee mates, who we still meet online every two weeks to support each other through our startups. —Glorianna Shearme

In PGU® you will learn:

  • Our history and our future
  • Team building
  • The real estate economy
  • Licensed and Compliance Services
  • Strategic marketing
  • By taking advantage of our web platform
  • Business planning and development
  • And more …

Once you’re up and running in your area, our business development team will be there to help guide you and tailor a success plan based on decades of experience and proven tactics. Your plan will be flexible based on your location, situation, budget and preferences.


When it comes to being seen and heard, our communications team is constantly working on developing new marketing materials to help you drive brand awareness and leads. From correspondence to digital advertising, you’ll have all the resources you need at your disposal to launch campaigns.


Our operations team always creates lists and double-checks them. They keep the mothership running smoothly by supporting all programs and departments. They make sure your bills are paid and that you have the tools you need to grow.


Our internal contact center, or as we like to call it our Resource Center (RC), is the hub of your business. With this “back office” team, you have access to customer experience reps and systems, as well as an outbound sales team whose mission is to get you in and convert more leads.

Invest in a “smarter way to sell”!

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