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We think that fresh food is something special

That’s why we’re doing everything from scratch here at Sauce on the Side. Our dough. Our handcrafted calzones. Our salad dressings and signature sauces. Even our desserts. Everything is done right here.


Developed by partners with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for nourishing the community they love, Sauce on the Side has grown from three successful restaurants and a franchise structure in four years (2012-2016 in St. Louis) Enabling entrepreneurs to start their own wealth.

Sauce on the Side continues to thrive with the commitment of our franchise partners to increase brand loyalty and gain enthusiastic fans in their communities. To continue to be successful, we have created a feedback-rich environment, built partnerships based on shared values, and will continue to focus on continuously improving the business model.


There is considerable uniformity in the fast-casual world. Were different.

Everything is fresh: We source high-quality ingredients and prepare our dough, sauces and dressings in-house.

Just like our food, our service model is a lot better: Order at the counter, sit down and relax. We value hospitality. Unlike traditional fast-casual restaurants, our guests don’t have to get up to get a refill or their meal.

We have shortened waiting times: No delays to greet, hunt for a server and shop around to get the check and pay. We want you to be taken care of, so we deliver the food to the table, refill glasses, and package the leftovers (yes, our calzones are that big).

We are authentic: We are real. We are hip and fun. We wear our passion for guest experiences on our sleeves, but we are who we are.

We are positioned for the future: As a concept, we were also created to be successful in challenging timescales and have proven to be well positioned for evolving customer preferences – we deliver through our own channel, we have a roadside pickup, we have significant online order prep, we source and prepare high-quality, fresh ingredients and the price-performance ratio is high.

The opportunity at SAUCE ON THE SIDE

Sauce on the Side is currently partnering with franchise restaurant operators to attract even more avid fans in the central United States.

With our existing locations in Missouri and Indiana, it’s not uncommon for our restaurants to receive visitors from across the area and beyond and ask when we’re coming to their hometown. Let’s do this together!

It is important to find the right partner with the right opportunity.

In order to achieve this goal, we would like to enter into a partnership with:

  • Owner / operator: For those who are pursuing their dream of building wealth and working for themselves, and who are passionate about pouring their seed capital into a new future.
  • Multi-unit developers: Experienced restaurant owners and companies looking for a different concept and interested in a territorial development agreement to expand the brand in one or more geographic areas.
  • Conversions: Existing restaurant owners with a desire to transform their current concept into a brand ready for success with the customer of the future.

Good partnerships are our foundation.

We are looking for franchise partners who:

  • Entrepreneurial: Have an entrepreneurial spirit, lots of energy and courage.
  • Relationship builder: Believe in community and the power of relationships with people (their team, guests and supplier partners).
  • Passion for restaurants: Have restaurant experience (or an undying passion for business and a partner with relevant experience).
  • Discipline in business: Find the freedom to run your own business with the discipline to follow the framework of an established operating model.
  • Enabled for growth: Have the funds to build and maintain a restaurant and then re-invest to fuel further growth.
  • Executives: Proven leadership experience and the ability to build strong teams.
  • Purpose-driven: Enthusiasm for the Sauce on the Side brand and our commitment to “feeding the community, providing the highest quality food and service, and creating an atmosphere of fun and fairness”.

At Sauce on the Side, our franchisees must meet the following criteria in order to own and operate a Sauce on the Side restaurant:

  • Liquid capital: $ 200,000
  • Net worth: $ 600,000
  • Franchise fee: $ 35,000
  • Cost range for the initial commissioning: $ 365,500- $ 591,000
  • License fee: 5%
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • 2019 System-wide AUV: 1,179,000 USD *

Franchise Support:

You can count on our team to work closely with you to learn how to run the business and continuously improve performance as a Sauce on the Side franchisee.

Ultimately, Sauce on the Side believes it is a top notch training organization that offers great food and service.

Operation / training: We believe exceptional operations are the best marketing tool for restaurants. In addition to initial training for franchisees, operators and their restaurant managers before the restaurant opens, we offer the tools and resources as well as ongoing feedback, shoulder-to-shoulder training and advisory support in building your business.

Marketing: We believe in building a brand through reputation, connections and local marketing activities. We don’t believe in discounting as a marketing platform. Our team works hard to support the local marketing efforts with branding ideas, creativity and execution.

Purchasing: We manage the supply chain to ensure our restaurants get the highest quality ingredients and the best possible prices. Our restaurant teams have access to an online ordering portal for efficiency and ease of use.

Real estate / construction: We provide guidance from site selection to construction and have approved brokers and general contractors familiar with our brand that you may want to hire.


If you have the passion and drive to help Sauce on the Side achieve calzone supremacy nationwide we’d love to talk to you about this. Of course, we don’t have to tell you it’s hard work – but our proven system gives you the tools to be successful.



Please request information below to learn more about what it takes to have your own sauce on the site!

* Based on item 19 of FDD 2020. The figure reflects the system-wide average gross sales of 4 restaurants owned by affiliates and franchises that were open for the entire period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. The 2020 results were influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, see point 19 of our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. The results of a new franchisee may differ from the performance presented. There is no guarantee that you will and you must accept the risk.

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