Start a Scenthound Franchise

Start a Scenthound Franchise

Welcome to the premier wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise!

In an industry that is primarily focused on haircuts, Scenthound is breaking down barriers to the general wellbeing of dogs in a supportive and compassionate atmosphere in order to provide the best possible service to our customers and their humans.

Scenthound has developed a concept that customers can rely on for all of their routine dog grooming needs – basic cuts, skin, fur, ears, nails and teeth.

American pet consumers spend $ 95 million annually on loved ones, including their 90 million dogs – it’s big business. We offer a lower cost membership model and are resistant to technological change (Amazon is not replacing pet services) or economic downturns (we still spend money on our pets).

Why choose Scenthound?

Scenthound is unique in the dog grooming industry and focuses on the overall health of dogs.

Scenthound has unprecedented market potential because it serves a historically underserved market: the 80% of dogs that don’t need stylized haircuts. However, our services are designed to improve the health and longevity of ALL dogs through a routine grooming plan in five core areas of maintenance: Skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth.

The low-cost, high-profit model of recurring revenue is augmented with additional services as needed – nail grinding, hairdressing-style haircuts, facial scrubs, and more – and products to help maintain health between visits.

  • No other model focuses on the general wellbeing of the dog.
  • Recession-proof and Amazon-resistant.
  • $ 95 Billion The US pet industry continues to grow year after year.
  • Can be operated by the owner or run passively.
  • NO PET EXPERIENCE required.
  • High profit potential – strong item 19 Profit entitlement.
  • Early advantage for the availability of the area.
  • 25 units have been sold since franchisees were offered last year and 17 in the past three months.
  • Entrepreneur 2020 franchise of the future Designation.
  • Our community-oriented approach creates a strong customer base.
  • The membership-based business model ensures that customers keep coming back and generating recurring income.
  • Membership also makes planning and rebooking easier.
  • Small staff, protected area, SBA approved
  • Limited real estate requirements (1,000-1,200 m²)
  • Our services are aimed at all dogs, not just those who need cuts.
  • It is scientifically proven that dogs make us happier, healthier people.

With Scenthound, dogs get the routine grooming they need, dog parents get a simple program to adhere to their grooming schedule, and franchisees become part of a blooming change in the way we treat and care for all of our dogs.

  • The membership: Parents choose a membership option that suits their budget and schedule, keeps their dog’s health on track, and builds strong customer relationships through repeat business.
  • The fragrance check: After each visit, we give parents a six-point rating that can help educate them about their dog’s overall health. Our genuine compassion for their pups creates loyalty to our customers.
  • The convenient locations: We actively place our Scenters in supply-intensive retail parks with busy, frequented anchor stores. Our customers get convenience and our franchisees get greater business potential.

We are passionate about puppies

We started this business because we honestly care about every dog ​​we meet. We know dogs are happiest when they are clean and healthy, and we know from experience in the industry that dogs don’t always get the basic care they need. We saw an opportunity to change that and jumped at it.

We are an up and coming brand on the ground floor with Proof of concept by our 4 company-owned units. We also have a strong claim to income from item 19 in our FDD.

Training and support

Scenthound is a practical company and we’re looking for franchisees who share that spirit. We offer extensive training at one of our locations in Jupiter, Florida, teaching franchisees how to best care for our fluffy customers.

We also provide full on-going support in everything from training staff to localization and participation in community events. We’re a big group, after all, and we want each of our franchisees to have the best opportunity to be a positive force in the lives of dogs and their people.

Ready to run a business with a passion for puppies? We are ready to hear from you.

To find out more and to get in touch, please send our quick inquiry form now!

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