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We are the outsourced specialists for cost reduction!

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consultancy in North America. Our network of franchise advisory offices across the continent serves as an outsourced specialist in cost reduction for business customers and offers professional solutions from coast to coast.

Our sophisticated franchise system, which includes a comprehensive training program, state-of-the-art support systems, excellent software tools and databases, a multi-million dollar intranet environment, and an innovative customer protection system, has established itself as a rising star in the world of franchising. Our franchisees are among the most successful of all franchise systems.

  • Professional business: For executives.
  • Very high returns: Very profitable franchises.
  • Fast ROI.
  • Huge Market: NA companies spend more than $ 1 trillion annually – wasted estimated at 35%.

Experience affairs

With decades of experience in telecommunications and retailer services, we have pursued our franchising concept to meet the need for independent and objective telecommunications, retailer services and advice on small package shipping in the North American market since 2004.

Our company is the largest independent cost reduction consultancy in North America with very successful coast to coast offices in the US and Canada.

Why choose Schooley Mitchell?

  • Contingency model: We only charge customers when savings are made, which is almost always the case.
  • Regardless of all providers: We don’t sell anything.
  • Home business or small office: your choice.
  • Very little overhead.
  • Strong niche strategy specializing in large areas of need.
What we offer
  • Huge software tools.
  • Automated solution process.
  • Our franchisees can have customers anywhere in North America – with no geographic restrictions.
  • Great support system and bargaining power.

Training and support for success

At Schooley Mitchell, we provide many tools and processes to help our franchisees become very successful business people and most effectively advise their customers.

We have developed a system based on experience, knowledge and practical results from across North America to help our franchisees run their professional businesses on a daily basis.

  • , title : 'Schooley Mitchell  Franchise Opportunity- Top Selling Franchise
    Schooley Mitchell Franchise Opportunity- Top Selling Franchise
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