Start a seriously addicting math franchise

Start a seriously addicting math franchise

One of the world’s largest math enrichment programs in Singapore is now in America!

Founded in 2010, Seriously Addicting Math (SAM)With its established presence in 20 countries, Singapore has become one of the world’s largest math enrichment programs and is now making its way across the United States.

SAM is a multi-award winning enrichment program for children ages 4 to 12 based on the internationally recognized learning method “Singapore Math”. Our program uses the two-pillar approach of classroom engagement and worksheet reinforcement with individual study plans tailored to each student. Through guided and independent practice and practical activities, thinking and problem-solving skills are developed, and math is mastered through interest and understanding rather than memorization.

Our English Enrichment counterpart, Seriously Addictive English (SAE), also for children ages 4 to 12, uses the same two-pillar teaching approach as SAM and offers a thorough program of structured phonetics and built-in English proficiency. From recognizing letter sounds and developing fine motor skills to advanced spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, our customized, step-by-step learning plan is designed so that every student can read fluently and write confidently.

Our franchise partners receive comprehensive and comprehensive online and on-site training on all aspects of student, course and center management as well as ongoing support. From our coaching methodologies, to lessons and lesson management, to marketing and customer relationships, we offer a full business model and continuous research and development in the curriculum to ensure we are always one step ahead of all educational trends and exceeding the needs of all students.

SAM seeks American entrepreneurs who are passionate about education and have the communication skills to effectively influence parents and children, the confidence to build a team, to run and market a business, and the highest levels of honesty and integrity. Our organization was founded in Singapore by a group of academic professionals who are committed to helping children become the best they can by mastering math and English. We are honored to share our story with you.

If you want to own a multi-award winning, profitable, and rewarding business. We invite you to learn more about Simply Addictive Mathematics (SAM).

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