Start a Shuckin 'Shack Oyster Bar Franchise

Start a Shuckin ‘Shack Oyster Bar Franchise

Sick of 2020? Join the club!

The Shuckin ‘Shack Oyster Bar is like a sweet trip back to the east coast of the past.

We represent the fond memories everyone has of going to the beach for family vacations, get-togethers, weekend getaways, or just day trips with salty air, toes in the sand and of course, delicious seafood.

What is Shuckin ‘Shack?

Since opening the first Shuckin ‘Shack in 2007, our founders have focused on providing high quality seafood and mixed drinks in a fun atmosphere.

Our customer service and attention to the customer experience is second to none. We are committed to making sure that every guest feels truly belonging from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave.

We take a simple, relaxed approach to helping our guests enjoy the best things in life and to ensuring that everyone who walks through our doorsHave a good shucking time!

Our brand is more than just a name, logo design, or fun slogan – it’s everything that sets the Shuckin ‘Shack Oyster Bar apart from any seafood restaurant you’ve ever come across.

It’s a good time to own an award-winning Shuckin Shack franchise.

Our award-winning, unique formula has led to immense success as we continue to establish ourselves as the premier seafood restaurant and sports venue on the east coast and beyond!


Shuckin ‘Good Economics: Own a company that had net sales of $ 1.3 million last year, all for a $ 252,700 investment – that’s 266% revenue-to-investment!

Domestic Sustainable Seafood: As a Shuckin ‘Shack franchise owner, you can meet growing consumer demand for sustainable, responsibly caught seafood that is free of hormones and preservatives, just as nature intended.

Real, friendly service: Our good-natured, thoughtful staff is as real as our seafood! Owning a Shuckin ‘Shack franchise means adding positivity and fun to your forest neck … and making your work day a whole lot more enjoyable!

Authentic coastal mood: Ever wish you could escape to your own private beach? When you own and operate a shuckin ‘shack, every day is a relaxing day on the coast, no matter where you live!

Eccentric Local Flair: Do you hate those cookie cutter franchises that look the same in every city on earth? You will love Shuckin ‘Shack! Since no two of our funky, laid-back beach huts are alike, each location takes on an individual style that goes beyond the typical franchise scene!

Imagine waking up every day and heading to work. They know you are on your way to a place you love! Our franchisees get “a good shuckin ‘time“At work … and make money from it!

Why choose us

Who doesn’t have fond memories of a great beach vacation on the beach?

Shuckin ‘Shack customers keep coming back to experience our relaxed coastal landscape without worries and to increase the sales potential for our franchisees!

  • We don’t have any other franchises that focus on fresh, steamed oysters almost no national competition. Your Shuckin ‘Shack franchise won’t just be the most popular, award-winning oyster bar in town – it can be the ONLY one!
  • With a comparatively small investment starting at $ 252,700 and an average of current owners over $ 1.3 million in net sales, You’re investing in a franchise with a turnover-to-investment percentage of 266% – that’s a hell of a profit!
  • Everyone loves seafood … but hardly anyone wants to cook it at home! As a Shuckin ‘Shack franchise owner, you can have multiple sources of income in one niche market this is driven by his unique desire ability.
  • With the award “Best in Seafood” from numerous publications as well as the highest award for our raw food bar and the typical oysters, Shuckin ‘Shacks makes excellent food quality and atmosphere into one award-winning franchise In almost every market we serve.
  • Enjoy our simple, no-frills approach to running a seafood restaurant when you know you are Serve the freshest, most sustainable seafood in town. Thanks to our robust network of high quality suppliers and suppliers in the southeast and beyond!

We shook each other Every market we enter (and the important people take note!)

  • Ocean Friendly Establishment certified
  • James Beard Foundation list as committed to the Fresh Catch program
  • Best New Restaurant of the Year, North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce
  • “Best In Seafood” Rowan County
  • “Best In Seafood” Forsyth County, Forsyth County News
  • “Best in Seafood,” Wake County Living Readers Choice
  • “Best Bloody Marys ‘Shack Attack'”, Wilmington Party
  • “Best Raw Bar,” Wilmington Magazine
  • “Best Oysters,” Encore Magazine
  • “Top 22 Seafood Dives in America,” Coastal Living Magazine
  • “Best Oysters,” Encore Magazine
  • “Best Taste Award,” share the table
  • “Best Seafood Restaurant,” Summerville Journal Scene
  • Recycled Oyster Shell Program Approved by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • “Greatest Muther Shucker Award,” Sweetwater

Ideal candidate:

Are You Shuckin ‘Shack Stuff?

  • You have management skills and know how to share your ideas with others.
  • They also know a thing or two about the hospitality industry – this isn’t your first rodeo!
  • You care – we mean REALLY Care – for your community and the people in it. You can connect with people in your neighborhood and have the drive and desire to make a difference in your corner of the world.
  • They’re not afraid to take risks and try new approaches and have an uncanny ability to think on their feet. (Bonus points if you are one of the brave men and women who served our country in the U.S. military – our heroes!)

Do you think you would be a good fit as a franchisee? Let’s talk!

Training and support:

It takes more than just a love of people, coastal vibes, amazing seafood and cold beers to run a Shuckin ‘Shack franchise.

Fortunately, our corporate support team is with you every step of the way up to your opening – and beyond!

  • Education: “Shuck U!” (Our exclusive training program, that is!) Consists of a minimum of 64 hours of tuition and 80 hours of on-the-job training at our partner location in Wilmington, NC, and covers all areas of Shuckin ‘Shack, including finance, inventory, and front and back Back-of-House Operations and More!
  • Ongoing support: The community feel of our franchise owner support network is one of the most unique aspects of our system. We will continue to support you through weekly communications from company team members, action plans for local businesses, video training and customer reports to help drive your success.
  • On-site support: Our success is all about “location, location, location!” Our dedicated real estate team will help you choose, upgrade, design and even have your soft and grand opening when you’re ready to open the doors of your new shuckin ‘shack!
  • Marketing support: In addition to opening marketing, we offer social media support, PR, advertising and media purchase support, an annual promotional calendar with quarterly marketing guidelines and promotions, an in-house graphic designer, and public relations and media work.


How could there be no place to get raw oysters in a seafood-laden beach town? That was the question Matt Piccinin and Sean Cook asked in 2007 when they looked in vain for a neighborhood oyster bar in the sleepy town of Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

With beer crates and plans on napkins, the two began working on the world’s first Shuckin ‘Shack Oyster Bar.

Their plans resulted in a 900-square-foot monument to local seafood, cold beers, and laid-back fun for the locals who would flock when it opened.

Matt and Sean’s simple idea has since grown into a sustainable seafood and bar concept that has grown every year since it was founded.

In 2012, Matt and Sean opened a second Shuckin ‘Shack, just 25 minutes from their original location, followed by a third location in 2014.

After Matt and Sean realized the success of their model and the scalability of Shuckin ‘Shack, they decided that franchising would allow them to expand well beyond the Carolina coast. Shuckin ‘Shack Franchising opened its first location in Summerville, South Carolina in April 2015.

Since 2015, Shuckin ‘Shack has grown to 15 restaurants, with more being developed.

We remain committed to our mission to show every guest “A Good Shuckin ‘Time” through fresh seafood, high quality spirits and exceptional customer service.

If you wake up and go to work every day knowing that you are on your way to a place you love, then Shuckin ‘Shack is the investment opportunity for you! Our franchisees have “a good time” at work … and earn money with it!

Find out more about our sustainable seafood and bar concept, which has been growing every year since it was launched, by submitting our short inquiry form now!

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