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We are the “Commercial Sign Company” based in commercial areas with light industry

No license fees or ongoing fees, no rules!

We’re not the retail stores you see in malls. Our 330+ owners are people-oriented individuals with the desire to run a custom manufacturing business.


Our business model is that you work with ongoing large customers with repetitive requirements. Your top 20 to 30 customers can achieve up to 80% or more of your annual gross sales.

Signworld has been part of the industry’s win and fun since 1988. With over 30 years in business, Signworld has established itself as a leading provider of business concepts with no license fees and no rules.

The following distinguishes Signworld from other sign organizations

You do not need any graphic training or previous knowledge of signs. Ask any Signworld owner and they will tell you that they are not a “sign maker” but employ sign makers.

Our owners come from all backgrounds with diverse skills: banking, project management, manufacturing, construction, IT, sales and marketing, company vice presidents and executives, operations, advertising, administrative assistants, accounting, trucking, nursing, staying-at-home and parents more…

  • No license fees mean more profitable business.
  • No Rules offers complete autonomy for your business operations.
  • As a business-to-business model, you work with more corporate customers.
  • Weekly webinar for sales and marketing coaching with your colleagues.
  • Ongoing support while you’re in business, from both the company’s employees and our 330+ owners.
  • Ability to own your own building.
  • More training than ever before!
  • Support from a partner who has been in business for over 30 years.
  • 50% or more of your business can come from your website.
  • Our owners are able to effectively market their business on the internet and leverage their individual brand identity.

No matter what your background Our owners all share a strong work ethic. the desire to build a business without constraints and the realization that their ultimate destiny is to work for themselves. They use their staff skills to help their customers with solutions to boost their business.

This is what your sign business looks like:

  • The signs are custom made so every day is different and you will see tangible, visible results of your efforts as you drive around town.
  • It’s near home, in a low overhead Business park location, open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. – no nights, weekends or holidays and only a small number of career workers.
  • There are no loud noises, smells, or dangerous chemicals.
  • It’s a relationship business with regular customers. Twenty to thirty of these customers can represent 80% of your sales.
  • It is a cashless transaction business. So when you see customers, you don’t have to worry about who is holding the money.
  • When you’re ready to sell your business, it will sell for more than most business models because of the manufacturing industry, small core of repeat customers, and achievable profit margins.

Our Signworld partners are superior to traditional sign companies. Ongoing support and training along with state-of-the-art equipment will leave the competition behind.

Remember, with Signworld, You own your business entirely there NO license fees and NO rules. World of signs is excellent business for the true entrepreneur!

*** The owner must have working capital to support himself for 6 months. ***

Ready to learn more about our recession-resistant B2B business opportunity?

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    Signworld Business Partners - Model Explainer
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