Start a Slices Franchise

Start a Slices Franchise

Within the pizza industry, we are literally as authentic as we can get!

Our pizzas are square and perfectly baked in a black steel pan from Campania. Our olive oil comes from Sicily and our special ovens are made in Venice. We’re more than just another pizzeria.

Through our competent management team, an extremely high-quality product range and a track record, we bring a unique value proposition to the franchise market.


Our concept and culture are led by Slices founder Tony Riviera, who brings an extensive knowledge base to the business and is involved in both restaurant operations and franchising.

Our mission is to provide qualified, professional franchisees with unrivaled training and support. With satisfactory food behind us and proven operational practices moving us forward, Slices is committed to introducing the rest of the states to our authentic Italian menu!

Slices is like no other

At Slices, we believe in delicious recipes that are enhanced by authenticity and quality. In addition to delicious pizza, our menu also includes other Italian staples such as BBQ chicken, pork and brisket.

Our extensive menu filled with delicious favorites will quickly build a reputation for popularity in any city. The slices atmosphere is fun and family-friendly and appeals to the masses with ease. We know pizza better than anyone and we need motivated, knowledgeable franchisees to share slices across the country.

We offer entrepreneurs looking for a grocery franchise the chance to step into the ground floor of an exciting, easy-to-use concept that offers an unparalleled pizza experience. Customers get a filling, instagramable meal that every viewer will envy, creating a loyal fan base who selects Slices as their pizza companions every time.

A revolutionary opportunity in franchising

What else makes slices a franchise option in the restaurant industry?

  • Exclusive territory

    Early adopters have the opportunity to receive exclusive territorial rights for their own slices. This means you have exclusive access to a population of 30,000 to 50,000 people who we believe will love our food as much as we do.

  • Customer loyalty

    We understand that the restaurant business is about winning the loyalty of its customers. We believe that our premium menu items and high standards of customer service provide an experience that drives brand loyalty among our visitors.

  • Proven business model

    The Slices model has been tested and tested at its on-site facility and has achieved tremendous success. We understand exactly what the company needs to be successful at each location and to put these resources in the hands of our franchisees.

  • Comprehensive training

    We prepare you for success with our comprehensive training program. The two phases of training include instructions on administrative, operational, and sales / marketing issues, as well as a generous amount of on-the-job training.

Supported by a team of professionals

Why should you choose Slices as your business company? We believe in equipping our franchisees to succeed right from the start and throughout the life of their Slices business. We offer the following areas of support:


You’re not just buying a name; You are buying best operational practices that have kept our business solid for years! We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of a franchisee’s business, including unit operation and maintenance, product ordering, food preparation, proposed pricing policies and administrative procedures.


Slices coordinates the development of promotional materials and strategies for all of our franchisees. We will also provide our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at a local or regional level. We work with you to keep customers going!


We have to mention that in addition to an already affordable and highly profitable franchise, we are also negotiating volume discounts for all of our franchisees, which means more savings for you! In addition, we will work with you in choosing the website.


Slices offer their franchisees an initial overview of financial, legal and accounting elements. In addition, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that improve profitability at the unit level.

The Slices brand attracts entrepreneurial hopefuls who want a company with reasonable overhead, affordable startup costs, impressive ROI, and wide-ranging market applicability.

The next step

Are you ready to dive into a reliable, trustworthy, and successful company with a proven track record? Do you want to join a restaurant brand that has built its reputation through innovative recipes and a solid business concept?

Join the Slices team today.

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