Start a Smart Drinks Franchise

Start a Smart Drinks Franchise


Benefit from a franchise opportunity to feel good!

You can join our Mind, Fitness, Health focused franchisees by bringing your business to your customers with your own Smart Drinks Smoothie Food Truck or by having them come to you at your Smart Drinks and Nutrition retail location.

A fresh brand with many years of experience

Smart Drinks franchisees can trust that our natural fruit smoothies not only taste good, but are good for you too! Only fruits and ingredients of the highest quality are used for the production of smart drinks smoothies.

Why our franchise?

Smart Drinks & Nutrition franchisees benefit from extensive staff training and ongoing support programs, as well as innovative technology platforms designed to provide accurate product knowledge and a great customer experience when selling supplements, foods and weight loss items.

  • Brand and brand recognition
  • Proven operating system
  • Comprehensive initial and further training
  • Marketing and support for digital marketing
  • Experienced leadership
  • Assistance in choosing a location
  • Modern store layout & design
  • Turnkey retrofitting of mobile food trucks

At Smart Drinks & Nutrition, our promise is simple. Keep it real Writing a bit of your own story all the time.

When customers see the name SMART Drinks, they know they are getting:

The SMART Drinks logo and brand mean 5-star ratings!

  • The freshest, healthiest fruit smoothie or vegetable juice options.
  • Gourmet coffee blend.
  • Hot chocolate made from real chocolate and milk of your choice!
  • Sugar and lactose free options.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • An interest in each customer’s health concerns.
  • An atmosphere that caters to everyone, from members of the gym before and after a workout to expectant mothers and their children.
  • A selection of the leading nutritional supplement brands in the industry.
  • Brand partnership and sponsorship with Bluebonnet Nutrition.

Two options to choose from

Smart Drinks offers two fresh and new franchise models with decades of experience.

1. Via a mobile food franchise That provides smart fruit smoothies and gourmet coffee in repetitive, predetermined locations with high traffic.


2. A unique quick service restaurant (QSR) and retail franchise opportunity that combines our proprietary and delicious blends of smart fruit smoothies and vegetable juices with vitamin and nutritional supplement sales.

Proven operating system

Eighteen years is a long time in business. You gave smart drinks the time to learn what works and what doesn’t in the smoothie & nutrition and food truck industries.

We were able to combine these two business models into one profitable and fun new business proposition.

Smart Drinks and Nutrition used that time to develop a system that would give customers the great experience they want. We’ve had the time to favor the fruit smoothie, coffee blend, and vegetable juice recipes that customers crave. We know it can be the little things that attract repeat customers and we will share these secrets with our franchisees.

Comprehensive initial and further training

Smart Drinks has invested a lot of resources in developing a detailed and comprehensive operating manual. We have included scripts, training procedures and marketing processes in this document so that franchisees always have a reference document to hand.

As a franchisee, your training takes place while your venue is a retail location or a mobile unit. Experienced SMART Drinks employees will work with you virtually and close to you at our corporate headquarters in Houston to help you build a successful business start-up. That will be easy for you to maintain and grow.

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for an active, healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you motivated to lead a team yourself?
  • Can you prove that you can follow our proven operating systems?

Our franchise candidates must be interested in working and contributing to their local community. We want franchisees with an open-minded personality who are passionate about creating positive, memorable experiences for those who come into contact with Smart Drinks & Nutrition.

Are you ready to bring our one stop shop for all nutrition, exercise and weight loss products to your community?

Please submit the inquiry form below to get started and learn more about owning a Smart Drink & Nutrition!

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