Start a Sonic Drive-In Franchise

Start a Sonic Drive-In Franchise

Why is now a good time to invest in a SONIC franchise?


SONIC, America’s drive-in franchise, is in our greatest growth era of all time. SONIC was founded over 60 years ago and is one of the most famous brands in the country with more than 3,500 locations and millions of fans across the country.

Growing revenues, balanced times of the day, and open territory make it a great time to own a SONIC franchise

As a franchise opportunity, SONIC is not only one of the most forward-thinking brands in the industry, but also a brand with the unique ability to become part of the communities we serve. Coast to coast, millions love our innovative menu, which unlike any other brand in the QSR industry, maximizes all five segments of the day.

Our hugely popular national advertising campaign continues to drive demand for new locations and SONIC now has a restaurant design that can be successful in any market.

What are the main reasons for investing in a SONIC franchise?

  • Backed by a world class franchise support team.
  • Constant emphasis on menu innovation.
  • Very popular, visible national advertisement.
  • Investing in new technologies like a revolutionary mobile app.
  • A variety of franchise models for your market.

Sonic has as much brand awareness as you really want in a franchise. The floor plans of the buildings, the car shops, the huge menu, the drinks, everything about them is very appealing. – Blake Haines | Multi-Unit Franchisees, TN

Our SONIC franchise models

We offer franchise models that go beyond our traditional drive-in franchise to meet the growing demand in expanding markets.

  1. SONIC Traditional Drive-In Franchise: Our original drive-in model is at the core of our business. This standard store layout usually has 16 to 24 car cabins, seating on the terrace and requires a location that is approximately 1 hectare in size for optimal expansion.
  2. SONIC Indoor Dining Model: Our newly designed indoor dining rooms are ideal for the colder weather. These models also offer seating on the terrace and a drive-through.
  3. SONIC Plaza travel model: SONIC end cap units as part of busy travel spots have done well as travelers seek out familiar restaurants that are consistently high in quality and value on busy roads. This model does not normally contain the familiar parking spaces and canopies that can be found in the traditional SONIC drive-in.
  4. SONIC conversion model: We can work with franchisees to convert existing restaurant facilities into a SONIC restaurant in the most cost effective way possible by utilizing customers’ existing kitchens, dining areas and restrooms.
  5. SONIC Counter Service Model: The counter service model works well for airports and busy shopping centers in shopping malls and on campus where pedestrian traffic is high. This model is in line with our strong branding, great food quality and customer service. The dessert line is located behind the service counter.


SOUND® supports you in several phases of the development process, from the selection of the property location to the location design.

  • Architectural building design and technical support
  • Review of the website during the due diligence phase
  • List of approved contractors
  • Review and comparison of offers
  • Instructions for the management of construction projects
  • A list of preferred providers

Operation / training

SONIC offers a structured and comprehensive training program that includes support from the discovery process to opening a new drive-in franchise and much more. We are constantly working to develop our training and support to support our franchisees in various aspects of their SONIC life.

SONIC e-learning

In addition to field training, we also offer SONIC eLearning. SONIC eLearning is a great example of how SONIC is using technology to engage today’s busy franchisees and SONIC employees. SONIC offers online certified training such as operations, food safety, customer service and management training for our new and existing franchisee community.


  • SONIC has an important brand presence through our national advertising campaign. This is to increase customer awareness of the SONIC brand and our delicious selection of food and drink across the country.
  • SONIC’s branding efforts are instantly recognizable and memorable. You work on multiple levels to increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Our campaigns show the experiences on the property. They can be integrated over several parts of the day. Our advertising campaign is focused on our food and drink and goes well with social media initiatives.


SONIC is constantly improving its technology to power operations and generate revenue for franchise businesses. Our new mobile app, for example, makes the drive-in experience more convenient than ever. The app has important functions that personalize the SONIC experience for customers.

Required experience:

  • Active ownership of your SONIC restaurants.
  • Restaurant background from at least one company partner required.
  • Ability to develop, lead and inspire a management team.
  • Strong business skills.
  • Active in the community.
  • Retail sales.

The rise of SONIC as a national brand also attracts savvy entrepreneurs to open new SONIC franchise locations in new markets.

With over 3,500 open locations in the US, the brand is not only the largest drive-in franchise, but also one of the most enduring. In over 60 years in business, SONIC has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their small business dreams.

Ready to learn more about how we SONIC and drive YOUR Future?

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