Start a Spitz Mediterranean Street Food Franchise


SPITZ is a fast-casual franchise company that creates Mediterranean street food from scratch. SPITZ is a fresh approach to European fusion and combines the best of Berlin, Madrid and London street food with a cool and colorful Californian atmosphere.

Guests can immerse themselves in the lively artistic bars serving craft beer, homemade sangria, and creative cocktails while hanging out with friends and enjoying life in the moment.


The unique SPITZ menu of doner kebabs, falafel, salads, bowls and award-winning fries has taken cities with a focus on gourmets by storm.

Guests can choose vertically grilled proteins, including the classic mixed meat, falafel, chicken, beef, or lamb. Specialties include loaded street cart fries and d¨øquitos – taquitos made from fried lavash bread.

The menu also features plenty of vegetarian / vegan options such as paleo-friendly garden bowls, kebab salads, fresh vegetables, hummus, sweet potato fries, Greek salad, quinoa salad, and crispy chickpeas and olives.


SPITZ’s Mediterranean restaurants are easy to operate and generate exceptional revenue through dine-in, delivery, roadside pick-up and catering sales channels.

We will work with you directly to run a highly efficient 500 to 3,500 square foot restaurant.

At SPITZ, we have proactively equipped our organization with for-profit premium franchisee systems to vigilantly protect our most valuable assets, our franchisees.

Our franchisee-focused support systems include:

  • National site selection
  • Professional lease negotiation
  • National support for construction management
  • Comprehensive 2 to 3-week initial training
  • Grand opening marketing and event planning
  • Innovative traditional and digital marketing initiatives
  • Strong social media programming and guidance
  • Apple and Android mobile app

We are committed to growing our segment leading franchise with professionals who are passionate about bringing the best street food experience to Mediterranean consumers at an affordable price.

Ideal North American candidates will have 3+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry and at least $ 100,000 in capital available for each restaurant they wish to develop.

With a total initial investment of just $ 350,000 for each restaurant, SPITZ restaurants operating for the entire 2019 calendar year achieved an impressive average gross revenue of $ 1,429,330.97. *

Multi-unit site development is preferred for primary and secondary markets (not required). Unit development plays a role in smaller, flourishing markets in North America.


If you think you may be passionate about owning and running one of the most remarkable Mediterranean-style street food franchises, we welcome your inquiry. We would be happy to answer your first questions and check the options available in your market.

* Please refer to the 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for full benefit details.

We would be happy to answer your first questions and check the options available in your market.

Please send our short inquiry form now to get in touch and find out more about Spitz franchising in your market!